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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Green Spaces

Green Spaces 

In our metropolises of urban decay, 
Is always some space where natural beauty is at play 
Amongst straggly,green undergrowth, 
Under concrete human connections, visually loathed, 
Hides secret, heavenly, natural, Utopia s 
Not seen by mere mortals,disabled by green myopia, 
Every green, delicate, leaf and earthy,coloured twig 
Is a host for a world where symbiotic bugs live, 
Creating air clean and in balanced harmony, 
Providing sustenance for our working cities armies,  
So give beauty a freer reign to play 
Allow city green spaces 
Don't hide them away 
Bring Beauty back to our towns 
Let her play,act like a clown 
Let her dance in our centres, 
Commercialism take a back seat, 
Nature and beauty become our mentors !

Submitted to the : Gooseberry Garden  Poetry Picnic where poetry is shared !


  1. Amen... I agree (although their are a few bugs I could do without).

  2. I loved this my friend, very cool!

  3. My sentiments exactly. What a wonderful poem recognizing beauty around us and calling for more. Kudos! Here's my picnic entry:

  4. Awesome! Love the image too...thank you thank you thank you

  5. nature and beauty become mentors?
    love the idea.

  6. i am with you...just found the most amazing walking path in our city...not well travelled but is a greenspace that cuts all the way across the city and under the that art too!

  7. I agree too. We've concreted over so much green earth and wiped out hundreds of years of tree growth in such a short time span.
    There is no end to human destruction of this beautiful planet.

  8. Kerry...thanks for reposting! i think this is just fantastic...words and image both :)

  9. Kez, really like this piece a lot. The sentiments about greening the neighborhoods cannot be stated enough. But not simply for helping the planet, but for the people within and the feelings that nature in this respect provides those who live in such an area, stressors lessen and so forth. The coloring of the words is a great touch as is the photo. Thanks

  10. Even in the grey, there can be beauty to be found. It is a happy thought - and my goodness, where ever did you find that beautiful bit of graffiti art? Splendid!

  11. I agree with you too... the most beautiful spot is just nature by itself...lovely ~

  12. I am all for more beauty, more green spaces, more life in cities and towns.

  13. Dear Kez

    I agree with you so much... nature is not something alien to us.. but its the mother to all and we need to be within her warm embrace.. I relate to this so much..

    thanks for sharing...
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  14. As a lover of green space in New York City, I admire and thank you for this. I am so grateful for the garden attached to my building and the Community Garden down the street. We all should be stewards of green space wherever we are. Cheers!

  15. 'Is always some space where natural beauty is at play' ~ it finds a way ~ so thankful that it does ~ lovely Kerry ~ love that image too ~ x x x Lib

  16. Sigh. I MY town, twenty years ago the city acquired the hills to preserve forever as green space. But now they want to make a deal with an oil company to drill 60 wells and produce oil and gas for decades! Big money, ya know! No other park has been safe, either. The city fathers seem to think a large recreation building is essential, with big parking lots, so the green areas shrink. And since parks are just undeveloped land, they are even happy to lease space for cell towers! Madness! We have become very disconnected from nature and its healing. And poisoning the air and water, it may already too late to go back. Occupy Nature?!?

  17. I definitely like the green spaces over the city. Not a big fan of overdevelopment.

  18. Really like this and very relevent today as I'm worrying about what HS2 will do to our beautiful Chilterns + in our local paper there are worries that a local field may be eldest moved away to Dartmoor - I envy her the wildness & open spaces..xx

  19. nice capture Kez. A little green in the city is a beautiful thing

  20. Absolutely beautiful poem Kez. I love it, and amazing use of words, yet again to describe the hidden beauty around us. Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXO


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