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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Human Factory

The Human Factory

Royal Brompton Hospital 

                    Tall intimidating bricks breathing history 
The factory of life, birth, death and strife, 
Manned by white coated men of mysteries,
Hopefully we emerge fresh and free, 
Never to return, not guaranteed ! 

Life travels at quite a pace, 
Accidents and incidents happen in the race, 
Bones get snapped, viruses trapped,
Flesh torn ,organs worn,
Drugs are given ,wounds wrapped, 
We are mended, saved, reborn.

Age creeps, sneaks up, slowly but sure, 
Body tires, can't function any more, 
Last breath taken, family shaken, 
Returned to the factory, 
Via the back door
 To the basement, 
Only fit for encasement, 
Prepared dressed, made looked satisfactory!

Life circle turns and rotates, 
Till we see those pearly gates, 
Then we've left life s factory 
To a Place peaceful quiet and flowery! 

Picture by Christopher Arndt  

Submitted for : dVerse Poets Open lLink Night  where poets create and share !

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  1. nice...yes it is much like a always added, but one day we will arrive all in one piece...smiles.

  2. Your picture reminds me of Ellis Island in NY..You ended this on a hopeful note....I like it ~

  3. Smiles! New parts wanted--great write!


  4. New parts added and some rusted and taken away, but does keep on spinning, just like you say!

  5. Yes, we all end up there... its only question of how much baggage of guilt we check in with. I liked the imagery of it all..


    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At twitter @VerseEveryDay

  6. I've never liked hospitals. Your poem reminded me of that. Thanks for the dark imagery and tonight's nightmare.


    Mark Butkus

  7. Your excellent poem is a grim reminder of our mortality.
    I always find Lowry a bit grim too... although realistic in his scenes.

  8. Well done, hospitals - temples of life and death, and that in between.

  9. Our short span here opens the door for eternity. Nicely done.

  10. Yes its all an industrial process, so important to see the whole over and above the parts though, strong subject and well written poem thank you.

  11. the symbolism of the factory is interesting.Tough of metal to truths.


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