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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stone Dead

This Was written for dVerse Poetics  whose theme was sculpture I had visited this Church the day before

Stone Dead 

St Marys Church Warwick

Standing loud and proud !
A theatre for the great and "good "
Where they can sleep for eternity ,
Fashioned from ice, cold marble for modernity,
Their Image and history preserved
For all to remember them
To touch ,feel and to be observed.

While their hard working minions,
Who took orders and kept their opinions,
Buried  with out pomp and very little ceremony ,
Their meagre markers fashioned from wood or stone
 Easily worn ,Eroded, forgotten,
Destroyed from memory.

So even in death their is no equality,
The quality of the stone the sculpture,
Screams out our elegy !

Ambrose Dudley, earl of Warwick, tudor elizabethan alabaster marble tomb 
Tomb Of Ambrose Dudley (D1590) 3rd Earl of Warwick


  1. that is a pretty amazing tomb...lots of detail...i find those kinda creepy you know...ha...even in death there is no truer line has ever been spoken

  2. ha yes...there's no equality in life really..from the cradle to the grave i guess..and this church looks very beautiful...

  3. I can only a agree... there's no equality even in death... it's quite sad.

  4. When I see these tombs and visit place like Xian where the terra cotta warriors are I just have to ask myself, "What good is it doing them?" Nicely presented.

  5. The powerful write history, of which sculpture is writing in stone. They thought so highly of themselves and their heroic deeds, yet gave a pittance for the true deeds of heroism waiting in hovels in their midst. Nicely done here.

  6. Interesting bit of history told in some nice lines, like "So even in death their is no equality"

  7. Hello! That was a beautiful poem and what a beautiful church. I dream to go to England and I know one day I will visit!!

    Amazing photos!!

    Best Regards, Laura


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