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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Green Armageddon

A Green Armageddon

Art By Pobel Norway

The fragility of our earth 
is unstable, 
 Toxins so diverse  
Being pumped and dumped, 
By man and machine 
Creating clouds of noxious gas, 
Unseen, unclean. 
 Our mission should be to become environmental teachers,
Protect ourselves and our precious little creatures, 
Ensure our offspring have futures, 
 Earth can't be treated with plasters or sutures, 
Planet protection 
Should be pumped 
Into our brains 
To prevent the acid rains, 
From devastating what can now be seen, 
Keep our surroundings fresh and green,
Butterflies and bees flying free, 
Abundant for all of us to see 
Crops thriving in virgin soil,  
Starvation obliterated, no longer a global turmoil, 
Once the butterflies cease to flutter
It will be too late, 
Armageddon will be all that we'll utter !


  1. yes...we have to treat her with respect and so often we don't.. think lots of things have been done rgd. environmental protection during the last years...still way to the artwork...funny somehow that the butterfly still flies on when we can't breathe anymore..thought provoking..

  2. And, there's yet another leak in the Gulf of Mexico that they haven't been able to stop yet, I think this time it's gas and it's heading into shore. What else can our oceans and waters take before everything in it is dead.? Really no need at all to wonder why so very many creatures are washing up on shores all around the globe dead, is it?
    Lovely, sad, imagery.

  3. amen...what a great pic too...we are destroying our planet bits by bit...for me the most heart pulling is the animals that disappear again and again...our consumption is choking out the beauty

  4. I agree, wishing I knew the magic that would turn things around.

  5. What a cool picture to go with your environmental battle cry ~ I agree with you~

  6. Hopefully, we're not too late. I agree...the picture is very effective.

  7. There was a time when we wanted a better world for our children. Today our world needs children better. Thankful for this article!


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