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Friday, 18 May 2012

A Box Of Life

A Box Of Life 

Life in a concrete box 
Is a box full of all of life 
A micro universe, 
The species the same
Yet, so diverse! 
Loners, moaners,
Way out stoners,
Mums and dads, 
Princess and lads,
Old and young, 
Heroes unsung, 
Cajoled and mixed up 
In this brewing pot,

Grass and park lands,
Spied far on the horizon,
Aspirational survival
Could  be their arrival
To the green countryside, 
To explore the outside, 
To escape from the box,  
Run from the city, 
Of steel and human shocks, 
To feel earth beneath their feet 
Instead of cold, grey, solid, concrete, 
To massage their toes, 
In the same fibre that allows our world to grow, 
To breathe clean, uncorrupted air, 
A right that every child should be allow to share! 

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  1. i like the shape of the poem, moving to the baby on top, like he is growing, growing into live, and growing into the city as well

    when time races like a bullet


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