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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost

Solous And Maser Irish Street Artists 

What's happened to childhood today 
Where did it go to ?
Its been taken  away, 
Little men and Ladies, 
Seeing things they ought not to see 
Innocence robbed 
In our quest for technology,
 Visual delights constantly
 Bombards them 
Without their consent 
Music booms loudly
 Without any real intent,
Yet into virgin minds 
It drips and slips
drip, drip, 
Innocence suffocating  
Till childhood is all stripped. 
Innocence protected
Should be a directive, 
Little princes and princesses 
Should be adored and safe 
Without adult worries,habits and stresses! 

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  1. Great write, Kez! I see commercials on television aimed at brainwashing children - it sickens me! As much as I love technology, I understand what it can do to people. Really enjoyed your poem.

  2. i think we have def stolen much away from our children...sadly too many of them see things far too early to really understand them and i am not just blaming the movies but a lifestyle that we have created and a world that we have our foolishness...

  3. This is so true. I do believe kids should be allowed to remain as innocent and as kids for as long as they can. They rush to grow up so fast and, so many adults want them to.
    Nice write Kez.

  4. Year after year, people seem to find themselves harder-pressed to keep up the embrace of the imaginary--the innocent creativity the world so blesses us with. We need to embrace that youth, not crush it.

  5. I agree with you...I find it sad that young children play with tech gadgets and games when they should be outside playing and being creative with their games. I like this a lot ~

  6. I think you are right about children having lost so much by today's technological environment. This reminds us that innocence is not something to be lost lightly. What I take away from this poem is that we must remain vigilant that our children's souls are fragile and need protection.

  7. They are a target
    Sadly so many of them succumb in order to be part of the crowd
    I worked with kids who were getting sucked into gangs in Elementarty school


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