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Friday, 19 October 2012

A Collection Regurgitated For Halloween

A Collection  Regurgitated For Halloween 

With Just over a week to go I thought it a good idea to put all my Halloween inspired poems and rhymes in one place ...hope you enjoy and if you you do please leave a comment hope you get spooked this Halloween  ..check out the links at the end of this post for some longer spooks ! 


Halloween approaches as autumn encroaches 
The structures of all worlds fractured and torn 
No-one or nothing prepare for what is to be born, 
In the heavens above are gods who are misunderstood 
Us 'twixt between, angry at governments, not good! 
Then there is those way down below, 
Where no mortal man wants or dreams to go.
Awaiting this date to avenge their fate. 
Small cracks which have appeared 
Things needing mending but mere mortals sneer, 
Allowing their societies to riot, spread notoriety, 
The undead seize their chances to walk amongst men 
Hoping their gods may this time pardon them,
They are the undead condemned to fiery hell, 
A peaceful existence would not bode well 
The murders, rapists and all of life's scum 
Become the undead or zombies if they don't succumb
To an ordered pleasant reality 
A human race, loving and respecting community. 
But those cracks that have appeared in our earthly existence, 
Negate our guarantee of evil resistance! 
So if pavement cracks suddenly appear 
Scream loudly, scream out in fear !
In hope that your fellow man 
Will help you fight evil if he can 
But the horror of this world 
Is that people's ability for empathy is unfurled 
Evil is not the zombies or the undead 
Fear only those that breathe instead !

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors 

Shush quiet Can you hear ?

Your closest neighbours Screaming in fear

Vibrating through the earthly still

A blood curling, piercing, spine chilling,shrill,

Behind close doors where few may peek 

May live a hideous inhuman freak,

Only here in human form

Waiting patiently for a new moon to dawn,

Then its fangs will appear organically

His thirst for blood will grip him manically

So your neighbour who you greet

Say hello too each time you meet,

May not be all he seems,

So shush quiet

Can you hear

Your neighbour

Scream !

Jef Aerosol

A Scream In The Night

                   Scream In The Night 

scared catAs I lay with the light shining eerily off the moon,
I slept soundly, morning always came way too soon !
When suddenly, a wild piercing blood curdling scream
Startled me to a jolt from my world of dreams,
I sat bolt upright,chilled to the bone,
Something not human. possessed my home, 
Banging and thumping I could hear from afar, 
The moon light skipped in through my door ajar,
Gingerly, half asleep, I stumbled out of my bed, 
To face the confusion that was causing me dread ! 
The screaming bounced around, resonating off every wall,
I tiptoed as quiet as I could, heart beating into the hall,
The banging and screaming multiplied and amplified,
My beating heart and thumping fear became louder, fortified,
scared catThe source of the hullabaloo became clearer and clearer,
I edged up closer and closer getting nearer and nearer 
To the terrific noise, the source which was now hardcore !
As I felt along the wall with fingertips to the mouth of the door,
Entering I came face to face with a pink coloured tangle,
Goo Oozing out of a face that seemed mangled,

A monster possessed just wanting to fight, 
I'd completely forgot that tonight was that night
I promised, I'd take to it like a duck to water, 
A night I could look after my god-daughter 
A cuddle and coo to this little angel ensued
For if her mummy and daddy knew this story,
I would be totally screwed !!!!

Doolally Doris 

We have a haunting 
Its not that daunting 
It's an old dame called Doris 
Who use to live wild in the forest 
She is the craziest  ghost, 
 But unlike most 
She loves to act daft! 
Have a laugh!
So every Halloween 
She has the same old routine, 
She floats in to town, 
Shadows all the children around 
She chuckles and jokes 
Like a very drunken bloke 
This is her treat, 
To all of us in the street, 
She is so spookily of her nut 
She bids us farewell 
By Cheekily 
Flashing her butt !

Anyone For A Kickabout

Anyone For A Kickabout 

We were off to visit my great great auntie Jean 
She was old, wrinkly, spindly and mean, 
Because of her big cabaggy ears 
She had a horn made of bone so she could hear 
She'd shout real loud she said to make her self clear
In her rickety rickety old house made of wood 
We played quietly like mice that was understood 
She kept strange things high up on shelves 
An eyeball in a jar and dolls that looked like elves 
From the shelves hung whips of dried up lavender
As far as I know she was never a gardener 

One night when the moon shone and I couldn't rest 
I crept down those creaky stairs quiet as I could, I tried my best 
I  sat on the bottom step and saw with my very own eyes 
The dolls come to life, turned in to their Elfy guise,
They shimmed down the lavender ropes 
Somehow with the jar aloft they kind of coped
They dance upon the jar top 
And clapped with glee when it went pop 
That staring eye was suddenly kicked out 
The elves went mad and began to shout 
The next I knew they were playing eyeball!
The eye was kicked as they played 
The eyeball rolled and gunge was splayed 
it looked like there had been a slug invasion 
Slime was all over the house on that occasion 
No one team seem to win a game 
But one of the elves became very lame 
All his kin seem suddenly scared 
And shimmed back up the lavender 
It seemed they didn't care! 

Next morning I found I fallen asleep at the bottom of the stairs 
What I saw next, tickle me all over, even my hair !
My  great great auntie Jean pick up the now still dead elf 
Looked up and counted the others were still on the shelf 
With one flick of her hand the elf melted into her hearing horn
The bit she held it by, the bit that was well worn! 
She search the floor, scoured all about, 
"where's that eyeball gone" she began to shout 
She followed some slime trails around the room 
Then she finally she spied it, it had rolled beside her broom

Never was I to return to my great great Auntie Jeans 
But I was never to forget what I swear I had seen 
So beware of old ladies with bits on very high shelves 
For they may need a new team of eyeball playing elves   

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