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Life is seen in many different ways or degrees and with the help of poetry, stories, music and art we may view it from many perspectives.
Poetry is medication for the soul

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Friday, 9 November 2012



It hung upon his bedroom door,
A khaki suit worn no more,
He left to become a man
Ideas of freedom,
Equality and peace,
His dreams were naive
At the very least!

He followed his dreams,
To lands afar,
His dreams were wished upon to a wandering star,
He did his best, fought alongside his comrades,
The same as him, mainly lads, 
They witnessed  death ,blood, and gore, 
Inside the boy was killed  he was a lad no more, 
As a man his life was short 
The killing machines held their own kangaroo court. 

He returned to his homeland laid in a box,
His life deceased and memories locked 
It hangs upon his bedroom door,
A khaki suit worn no more, 
Only the memories of the fine boy he'd been, 
 All his potential for greatness, silenced, unseen!

Remembering all those all over the world who have fallen in the quest for peace!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Winter Survival

Winter Survival 
Iced winds chill the atmosphere, 
Causing strife, worry and morbid fear, 
Cutting through to every fibre, 
No choice but to become a survivor! 

Plumage gone, deceased! 
As icy winds strengthen like some Maddening beast, 
Cutting through every fibre, 
Only choice to be strong, become a survivor!

Warmer winds and sun that shines, 
Will return in its time, 
 Warming through to every fibre, 
Proving to one and all,... WE are survivors!

Picture by Sueann check out her site for more fab pictures.