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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Moonbeams And Dreams 


Picture by Laurent Laveder

I would captured the moon for you, 
If, I knew your love was true,
I would stop the ocean tides
If, your love for me was bona fide,
I would capture the stars that shine
If , you would love me, be only mine !
 I would make heaven our home,
If , you would love me and me alone !
Angels on harps would play,
If, you promised not to stray,
We'd feast on the foods of gods
If ,you would love me, give me the nod !
You will always be my faithful queen
In the land of my silly dreams !

1st written on May 6th 2012 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bubblegum Kisses


BubbleGum Kisses 

Bubblegum Kisses,
are a passage of course
Just a natures way of showing its force !

A Shy, fumbling approach,
as adult feelings encroach
on your childhood,

A friendship about to change
Innocence is the exchange 
for confused emotions
all brand new

Bubblegum kisses,
are a passage of course
Just a natures way of showing its force!

Tho tread with care, 
Ensure true love is there ,
for that first kiss
Should be pure bliss !

Bubblegum kisses can be the sweetest,
Or a complete and utter misery,
Those first kisses are dependent , 

Upon a well executed delivery.