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Sunday, 24 June 2012



Dark and light 
Unwrap the delights 
Smooth, velvety, oozing
Solid, sauce or liquefied, 
Gems of jelly covered, smothered
10 solid minutes to luxuriate 
A treasure of unmeasured pleasure 
Consumed then taste buds go boom
Chocolatey Lips 
Till the next fix 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Some Days

Some Days
Some days don't you want to stay in bed ? 
Feel those woes weigh heavy like lead !  
Some days do you want to shout at the world ? 
But stay embryonic, curled and unfurled,

Some days when your inner sunshine dulls, 
Because Ideas constantly fight inside your skull,

Some days do you want to scream at your fate ? 
Wishing life's path was strong and straight,
Some days are what we need, 
So we feel the happiness seed, 
Some days they will be bloom, 
Banish all the woes and gloom, 
Some days life is the best, 
Forget some dull days and 
Reflect on the rest !

Some day .........

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

On The Shelf

On  the Shelf !

Pick up a book, 
Take a look! 
Feel those pages, 
Creamy from ages.

Pick up a book, 
Then get hooked, 
Feel the fear, 
Imagine so the plot comes clear. 

Pick up a book,
Retreat to your nook,
Lose yourself,
Just reach up to that shelf. 

Leave the screen, 
Caress those precious pages of cream,
Delve deep into your mind 
Leave mundane reality far, far, behind. 

Pick up a book, 
Go on take a look !

Painting By Andre Martin De Barros

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Friends Battle Cry

Friends Battle Cry 

Oh to be able to sail right through life  
To be able to soar high 
Like a dove high in the sky 
Oh what a life !

Oh For life to be full of sparkle and twinkles,
Never getting old with creases and wrinkles,
Oh what a life ! 

Oh how to play without soreness and pain,
Fall down and get up again and again, 
Oh what a life ! 

Oh how to have friends who are there, 
Who love you and show that they care, 
Oh that is life ! 

With friends in our life 
We will soar high 
Reach the stars in the sky 
They are our twinkles 
Caressing our wrinkles 
They will soothe our pains 
Help us up again and again,
A Band of friends. 
Is a love that never ends 

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012



He writes
  ............     Obsessed
  ......            Possessed
He scribbles                                                      
.....           His riddles
He rhymes
    ....       At all times
He sweats
His feelings
   .....       Repressed
Leak manically
   .....      Organically

Characters alive
  ......         Survive
For an age
  ...          On the page

The demon inside
....              Cries!!!
Let me out!!!
Let me go !!!
The words,
They flow !

Monday, 4 June 2012

War On Peace

  War On Peace
Streetart By ICY & SOT (Iran)

I see yet another scene,
War, war the goggle box screams
Wars on streets, kids fighting back,
All for their solution, a joint or some crack,
This is not Utopia,
Responsibility is their myopia !

War, War The government screams,
Send our boys to fight an opposing regime,
To help their brothers whose rights are denied,
Yet there will be casualties affecting both sides,
This is not a bad dream,
Communication should reign supreme!

War, war being fought in my nations name,
The heavy burden which just causes shame,
Kids fighting in and on our streets,
Parents guidance diluted, empty, deplete!
This is not a mummy state,
Nurturing should be innate!

People power can create peace,
Peace in one's mind, 
Is a peace of some kind, 
Peace on this earth,  
Would need a rebirth, 
For all of humanity,
To restore balance,
Hope and a sense of sanity! 

Submitted to JP At The Olive Garden whose theme was Peace

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Flags of Violation

Flags Of Violation

Another flag another country
All hand made, traditionally, 
Stitched and stitching,
Belly aching, skin itching, 
 Knees skimmed bruised and blue, 
Fingers bleeding red, till bones show through,
Work, work till face is ashen and white, 
Pennies collected so cool for another night, 
Red, White and blue. 
Another celebration, different colours, different flags
Just another penny for tiny girls and lads, 
Over waters and over seas, 
Kids working for mere pennies, 
As we party in celebrations, 
Waving Flags of human violations!
Red, White and Blue !

Submitted to dVerse Poets Poetics where the prompt was work 

Fruit Salad Days

Fruit Salad Days 
Image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes
Mango sunshine sweetness cuts through 
My cabbage styled life, 
One of normality and everyday strifes, 
Tropical salad days are but a few 
Then they occur and its whay hay hoo! 
Forget the stodge and the run of the mill,
I munch on apples till I have my fill,
A melody of fruity tropical sensations fill my being, 
All possibilities and dreams are easier for seeing. 
I return to my diet of the everyday, 
Promising to ensure variation in my lifestyle bouquet,  
The fruit's of life are such a treat, 
But one must have a life that's full and complete! 

Submitted to Magpie Tales where the picture was the prompt! Why not check out other poets interpretations