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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Flags of Violation

Flags Of Violation

Another flag another country
All hand made, traditionally, 
Stitched and stitching,
Belly aching, skin itching, 
 Knees skimmed bruised and blue, 
Fingers bleeding red, till bones show through,
Work, work till face is ashen and white, 
Pennies collected so cool for another night, 
Red, White and blue. 
Another celebration, different colours, different flags
Just another penny for tiny girls and lads, 
Over waters and over seas, 
Kids working for mere pennies, 
As we party in celebrations, 
Waving Flags of human violations!
Red, White and Blue !

Submitted to dVerse Poets Poetics where the prompt was work 


  1. ugh...everyone of us is guilty by buying those cheap clothes, produced by kids that get only a few pennies for it...still a hard reality in many countries.. luckily more and more audits force companies to re-think how they produce their goods..

  2. waving flags of human violation...i read a book a few years ago that opened my eyes to a lot of what goes on behind the scenes to get us the ever lower is pretty sickening....def should be checking the tags on where it comes from...there are certain countries...

  3. omg, that is soooo sad.

    i think we wave way toooo many flags, and are too concerned about our symbols, our beliefs and all that instead of real life that suffers.

    Sonnet 24

  4. Waving flags of violation - loved this line - I watched a bit of the jubilee on the tv boring! But Anyway- great poem here with real bite- Great contrast between the world of work in the UK- compared to other countries where young children have to work from a really early age- probably for very little wages and to service the disposable needs of someone or some country much richer that is exploiting them. We Party- They Work....a sad thought and feeling indeed

  5. Ouch.

    I also hate it how my kids' Boy Scouts of America uniforms
    are made in, um, other countries.

  6. Great - and original - response to the prompt, this. Well done.

  7. This is well done. Could hear it being wrapped/sung. Powerful words.


  8. Strong message... vivid and clear.


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