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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I Want To Be Free

I Want To Be Free 

I want to be three, 
I want to scream,and shout,
I want to jump in puddles, 
Kick autumn leaves about! 

I want to be three, 
I want to play with abandon,
I want to scream with glee, 
Bash drums dressed as a bandsman! 

I want to be three, 
I want to be swaddled in love, 
I want the sleep of the innocent,
Snuggled up like a hand to a glove. 

I want to be free,
I want no deadlines,or pains, 
I want the sleep of the innocent, 
To awaken in a land where childhood forever reigns. 

I want to be free! 

Monday, 27 June 2011



Floral heady scents waft in my head, 
Slowly up to my sanctuary I tread, 
As I enter my meditation  place,
A feeling of peace caresses my face. 
The candlelit scene calms my soul,
Escaping from life, in societies fish bowl.
I submerge my self in my scented elixir,
Craving the feeling of soft downy cashmere 
I anoint my body in luxurious potions, 
Then gently massage with expensive lotions.
As warm steam embraces my being, 
The worries and woes of the day begin thinning. 
Cleansed both in spirit, soul and mind 
As with the bath water the days demons left behind. 
For this self indulgent vanity,
Is the saviour for my sanity!

Many thanks for the award I'm delighted to accept it
I would like to nominate Ice queen

                                                            Promising Poets Parking Lot

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mummy Forever

 Mummy  Forever !

People laugh when I say, 
Mummify me,
OK ?

My life has not affected the human race, 
So Mummify me,
 With taste !

Never to reach fame like Mozart 
So mummify me,
As art !

You can store me in the hall
So mummify me,
 I'm not tall ! 

I'll hold coats, hats and brollies, 
So mummify me,
Its no folly !

I'll check out your guests, 
To  be mummified,
Is my request! 

People laugh when I say, 
 OK !

One Stop Poetry

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Normal Service /Resumed

Normal Service /Resumed 

Picture By Rob Hanson

The lines of communication seem to be down, 
When I look at your face I can see your frown.
We need to restore the line,. 
This Relationship need to be redefined.

The lines of communication are broke.
I will  not treat us like a joke. 
We need to update,modernise,
This relationship needs no lies. 

The lines of communication have been restored, 
We seem to have found our soundboard,
We found our ideal communication, 
Love is forever the solution.  

Submitted to: One Stop Poetry for One Shoot Sunday 
Many Thanks to: Rob Hanson For the kind use of his brilliant Picture 

One Bad Deed

One Bad Deed !

Charlton was a boy indeed, 
Always clothed in denims and tweeds,
Daily he pounded along school halls, 
Most boys scattered or hugged the walls.
For Charlton was tall,strong and wide,
It was mainly the bullies who stood by his side.
Charlton was a boy indeed ! 

All the lads who were small for their size, 
That wore round specs, or detested lies, 
Became the victims of Charlton scorn. 
Victims sported bruised limbs or clothes that were torn,
Charlton was a boy indeed !

Ten years later and the school has gone,
The victims memories of Charlton linger on ,
Now one realises justice is sweet,
As a man who changes lives,he and Charlton meet,  
Time to turn Tables and exact his treat.
Charlton was a man in need ! 

Charlton knows his life is down to his victims course,
The victim relishes every second with pleasure and remorse,
He tries to Stare Charlton out and gauge his fears. 
The moment has gone,along with pleasure,
The memories have almost disappeared 
Charlton didn't need to plead !

So take heed from Charltons Action
Understand for every bad deed there is a reaction. 
The past can always rear its ugly head 
Deeds misplaced can be forgiven
But forgotten only when we are dead  
Charlton could then be freed !

Thursday, 9 June 2011


This poem is written because of  One Stop Poetry ....Arts and Graffiti I chose this graffiti by Banksy as I find it so ironic


Keep it neat !
tis our street 
We're all so prim
Scribbling is such a sin! 

Keep it smart! 
tisn't art !
We all have class
Self expression is so crass!

I think its neat, 
art's such a treat!
Banksy paint down our road, 
The middle classes have been vetoed. 
Parliament  have made a social treaty 
 Urbanites must embrace graffiti.

Graffiti By Banksy

Final Insult

Final Insult 

Today was the day I was stripped bare, 
Cruel words you said as if you didn't care, 
You verbally whipped every part of my soul,
Torturing my heart till it ran cold. 
So here you leave me all alone! 
My spirit dying! 
No longer on my throne, 
Mentally crying! 
Cos of the love of another you've shown. 

The void that you've left never to be filled, 
For every sweet feeling, I ever had you have killed, 
Anger, Sorrow, Hate is all I can feel. 
So here you leave me all alone, 
My spirit dying! 
No longer on my  throne, 
Mentally crying !
Cos of the love of another you have shown. 

Tender words or a soft caress, 
Can't heal or make my pain less, 
Forever to live in this perpetual nightmare,
So whose to blame for stripping me bare? 
You the one who promised he'd always care!
So here I am all alone, 
My spirit dead! 
No longer on my throne, 
My tears all shed 
Cos of the love of another you've been shown

For a poem inspired by a song ...Tainted Love by Soft Cell inspired this !

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

For Amy

This Little ditty is written on my Daughters Birthday ( who is loved lots ) she is to be married next year to a lovely chap So this dedicated to her.

For Amy 

Amy Shepherd

My Pre-Raphaelite child,
With her tonal golden hair, 
A face illuminated by her smile,
Her demeanour totally unaware. 

My Pre- Raphaelite Teen,
With her tonal golden hair, 
Her body entombed in jeans,
A style she wore with flair!

My Pre- Raphaelite woman,
With your tonal golden hair, 
Your love of life your omen,
A gift if ever to share !

My Pre- Raphaelite offspring,
With your tonal golden hair, 
A love date set for your wedding
To a groom who loves to care !

What more could we wish for 
My Pre-Raphaelite Child !  

Submitted to:One Shot Wednesday

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cinders Wishes

Cinders Wishes 


This is my fella 
To him I am his Cinderella
He adores me with such  a passion 
Working endlessly to figure the latest fashion 
What he seems to
 That time, love perhaps a walk in the park
Would make my heart sing  
like the sweetest skylark
Not trying to sculpt my perfect shoes 
Is what my Prince Charming 
Could lose !

Many thanks to Rob Hanson for the use of the wonderful picture !

Friday, 3 June 2011



A grey, dooming fog encroaches my heart, 
Shivers tingle, throughout my being. 
Life yearning for a jump- start
As the darkness begins its fleeing!

Assaulted cruelly by bright glare, 
Eyes slowly, unhinge... sleepily .
Brain gently engaged, suddenly aware! 
Sleepy visions had possessed me deeply.

Bright rays embalm my soul and mind, 
Warmth stirs my creativity, 
Monsters long left behind ,
Sunshine has given me my liberty.