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Friday, 3 June 2011



A grey, dooming fog encroaches my heart, 
Shivers tingle, throughout my being. 
Life yearning for a jump- start
As the darkness begins its fleeing!

Assaulted cruelly by bright glare, 
Eyes slowly, unhinge... sleepily .
Brain gently engaged, suddenly aware! 
Sleepy visions had possessed me deeply.

Bright rays embalm my soul and mind, 
Warmth stirs my creativity, 
Monsters long left behind ,
Sunshine has given me my liberty. 


  1. Wake up! Loved your take on this weeks prompt :) Send those monsters running and keep writing! Happy Friday Poetically!

  2. i am glad the light pierced your darkness...monsters rarely stand up when dragged into the light...

  3. Give me sunshine or give me death! LOL!

    Nice one, kez!

  4. You effectively express what I feel...I suppose the weather affects many of us like this. Bring on the sunshine!

  5. I was born in the sunshine so I feel the window opening to warmth and liberty


  6. Love the last for lines. yes, can be a rebirth.

  7. Sean Vessey said:
    Lovely. "Sunshine has given me my liberty" great line, Kerry

  8. Wonderful Kez X

  9. What a beautiful, happy image of waking up to the sunrise! We should be thankful... but most days I just want more sleep. :)


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