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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Let The Children Play

Let The Children Play 

Street Art Sheffield UK 
It doesn't happen much today, 
Kids on the streets allowed to play, 
Playing with glee on the road, 
Messing around cheeks a glow, 
Freedom of innocence stifled by mistrust
Of wicked beings with misdirected lust, 
All their evil deeds reported by paparazzi 
So we believe its the human majority.  

It doesn't happen any more 
Kids confined made to stay indoors  
What happen to informing, making our kids wise ? 
Aware of stranger danger and roving eyes, 
Their right to play in parks and streets is a must 
Freedom in innocence is not an extra, its a plus! 
Childrens environment should be our priority, 
Those non human beings exist only in the minority. 

It should happen everyday, 
Kids outdoors allowed to play, 
Screams of joy and squeals of delight, 
Lights our whole world, alive and bright, 
Our kids are the oxygen of our communities, 
It is their right to play without impunity, 
So communities band as one,  
Watch out for our life blood, 
Let the kids play safe, live life, have fun !

A Green Armageddon

A Green Armageddon

Art By Pobel Norway

The fragility of our earth 
is unstable, 
 Toxins so diverse  
Being pumped and dumped, 
By man and machine 
Creating clouds of noxious gas, 
Unseen, unclean. 
 Our mission should be to become environmental teachers,
Protect ourselves and our precious little creatures, 
Ensure our offspring have futures, 
 Earth can't be treated with plasters or sutures, 
Planet protection 
Should be pumped 
Into our brains 
To prevent the acid rains, 
From devastating what can now be seen, 
Keep our surroundings fresh and green,
Butterflies and bees flying free, 
Abundant for all of us to see 
Crops thriving in virgin soil,  
Starvation obliterated, no longer a global turmoil, 
Once the butterflies cease to flutter
It will be too late, 
Armageddon will be all that we'll utter !

Sunday, 11 March 2012


image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic

Banished told to vanish 

Never to return, no matter how much I yearned, 
Disgrace I brought to that place ,
Looking back memories only in black and white, 
Off that dreadful, fateful night, 
Caught with my lover, 
Though his heart had been promised to another,
The kaleidoscope of my world, 
Drained of its richness, unfurled, 
 Lost in my hole of doom, 
As I protected the precious cargo in my womb, 
Who one day I would return, 
To the place I had disgraced, 
I would not vanish! 
True love survives, lives on, 
True love can never be banished! 

Submitted to:Magpie Tales who supplied the inspiration 

Friday, 9 March 2012

A 21st Century Ending !

 A 21st Century Ending !

  I wrote this for a challenge for 

I give you a picture; you give me a story. Don’t make notes, don’t ponder your execution, just look at the photo and whatever pops into your head first, begin writing based on that thought 

Almost naked, confused, 
Stockinged feet, missing shoes, 
Head thumping, pounding away, 
Trying to put back the pieces that have gone astray, 
Did I miss a drunken tryst ?
Was it a frog or prince charming I kissed,
At what stage did my reality become hazy 
All the players through my drunken stupor acting crazy ?

Almost naked, confused, 
Stockinged feet, missing shoes, 
Head thumping, pounding away, 
Trying to put back the pieces that have gone astray,    
Drilling constant in my head, 
Body bruised, tired, aching for bed. 
A Whole night wasted lost, but at what cost ?

Almost naked, confused 
The pieces don't make sense they refuse 
To click in to place fill the time, the space, 
Stockinged Feet, missing shoes,
Its adiĆ³s to the booze 
Head thumping, pounding away,
It's off to a different dreamland I stray, 
A Whole night wasted, lost, but at what cost ?
Stockinged feet, missing shoes ......snooze .. .. .  .z Z Z Z 


Room With A View

Room With A View 

Oh for a room with a view
Just me and you,
We could sit for hours
Talk about ours,
The  times gone by,
 Things that were said
The reasons why ?
In our room with a view.

Oh for a room with a view
Just me and you,
We could reminisce
About our first  kiss,
That first date
When you were late,
In our room with a view. 

Oh for a room with a view
Just me and you,
What would we do,
When we were through
Chatting for hours
Remembering the past
But would we last?
In our room with a  view
 Just me and you!