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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Balance of Life

Balance Of Life

As I write this I can't help but think of the children and adults starving in Kenya and Somalia and ask if after reading my poem you will check out this link  Save the children thank you. Now in 2016 some parts of the UK have been devastated by floods,too much rain ...a link for them is here Help for Victims of flooding

Water is the fluid of life,
Too much ,
Too little,
Just enough we'll be alright!
Not enough, diseases breed, rife!

Water feeds our nations,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, nourishes us!
Not enough, promotes starvation!

Water feeds our soul,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, we play like fishes in a shoal,
Not enough, we perish in dust-bowls!

Water feeds our bodies,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, our bodies can perform
Not enough, we become malnourished zombies!

Water balances the earth,
Too much,
Too little,
Just enough, our environs flourish!
Not enough, we are thrown into a dearth!

Too much ?
Too little?
just a drop?
Is that enough ?

Submitted to dVerse Poets

Monday, 25 July 2011

In Memoriam To A Song Bird

In Memoriam To A Song Bird 

With her bird nest hairdo, 
Her Retro Flair,
Honeyed notes of earlier generations
This Fragile Song bird charmed a nation.

The lyrics she penned,
Were her lifes declaration,
Addiction became her crazy predilection,
It was to heavenly spheres she had to ascend. 

Time in her earthly gilded dovecote
 Was cut short, too premature
Her voice, talent and life,
Should not become a footnote,
Or just the story or News de le Jour.
May Her Talent Live On !

This Poem was written in memory of Amy Winehouse who died On July 23rd 2011

Please click here ->_The Amy Winehouse Foundation

She Cried Me A River

She Cried me a River 

Mother Nature had a decree 
That life,animals and plants, 
be allowed to grow free 
But along came man and played with life, 
Destroying environs and causing strife. 
Mother Nature tried to deliver,
In her sadness and despair, 
She cried me a river! 

Mother Nature wish to command, 
A world full of fruits to nourish the land 
But man-made chemicals changed its course,
Soon the weather would emit its mighty force, 
Mother Nature tried to deliver 
In frustration to cease the exploitation
She cried me a river!   

Mother Nature had a scheme, 
A balance on earth it is her dream,
Where man and animals could work in harmony 
Become a force together....natures army! 
Mother  Nature will have delivered, 
In  joy and celebration. 
She will cry me a river!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rebel In Lace

Rebel In Lace 

Rebel in a lace dress 
All prettied up and hair brushed 
No strops or tantrums or the usual stress
being you 
You won't be rushed 

Rebel in a lace dress 
On show for admiring glances
All grace and manners you express 
being you 
You'll take your chances 

Rebel in a lace dress 
Clinging to your unique originality
Playing at being infused with finesse 
 being you 
You'll do it theatrically  

Rebel in a lace dress 
You maintain your attitude.
Your character has not been repressed
 being you 
You express it with your shoes. 

This is an entry for the Mookychick blogging competition, FEMINIST FLASH FICTION 2011. Enter now

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Together (Childrens Lit )


An Elephant looked out upon a darkened sky
He closed his eyes and muttered my, oh my !
Shaking and quaking in his boots,
His trunk couldn't help making  involuntary toots.

A friendly little likeable pooch
Was out taking a leisurely lonely mooch,
When suddenly he jumped high,oh so high!
As he heard the elephants deafening tooting cry.

The little pooch headed towards the hullabaloo,
 He met the humongous Elephant,
And thought what to do, what to do?
He wasn't frightened or wasn't scared.

He guided the elephant and showed he cared,
Strengths are different within us, big and small
But working together makes even the smallest of us tall.

 Many thanks to ManicD Daily for the use of the Picture 

Monday, 18 July 2011

Missiles Of Love

Missiles of Love 


Around the World, missiles and guns.
 Constantly fired 
Death, birth and love though, 
Not yet retired. 
Innocent children brought into this political unrest 
Too young to fight
 Too young to protest 
Innocence and love in childhood
Is their life,
 It is their norm, 
 Yet elders of countries, 
Constantly fighting to reform!

Maybe the saviours from the devastation 
Emanates from their seed
For every fighting nation 
Its from the innocent 
They should take heed 
No prejudices indoctrinated 
Peace, love and tolerance, 
 The only missiles activated. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011


 WHY ?

Mummy why can't I plant my tree 
Where my Prince Charming 
Will Marry me 

Mummy why can't I Plant my tree
Where all the magic fairies dance
To the buzzing of the  honey bees 


Mummy why can't I plant my tree
In a land of green 
Where everyone is free                                
WHY ?                                                                                                             

Mummy why can't I plant my tree
Where purple dragons roam and snore 
They'd be so gentle no-one would flee 

Mummy I want to plant my tree
With Daddys spade 
In my red welly boots 

Camp Man UP

Camp Man UP

Photo by Amy Shepherd  

Jump for joy !
Scream with glee!
Dance with passion,
Your on the brink of being a boy
Childhood pranks will have to flee,
 Manly pose is now the fashion,
Its time to

So welcome to Camp Man Up
Where the dusk of boyhood,
Is usurped my manhood ready to erupt!
Its an organic ritual
Not religious,but kind of spiritual
Its time to

No longer to pull at pigtails,
 Its, so long to bubblegum kisses,
Time to outdo other macho males,
Scour the terrains,draining ales,
Search for the perfect Misses
Its time to

So now your grown,
Your seed is sown,
With your little boys,
You run a mock.
 If  times are tough or really dire
Instinctively you yearn to save and protect,
Your love and all that you have sired.
Once again the ritual will begin,
The time will come to teach your kin

 Submitted To: One Stop Poetry

Monday, 4 July 2011

A Drink For Friends

A Drink For Friends 

My friends are iconic,
Like bubbles in champagne,
They come infuse my life,
Prevent me from becoming insane!                                    

My friends are mental,
Like extra fizzy lemonade,
They come entertain my spirit,
Our joint memories replayed!

My friends are strong,
Like coco in my chocolate,
They come singing the same song.
No agendas to translate!

My friends are my diamonds,
In my multi coloured sky,
I drink up their friendship,
Never to say goodbye !

So to my friends I toast,
Our friendship will last for eternity !
I proudly  boast this,
For with friends like mine this is a certainty !


 Submitted To  Jingle Poetry Potluck

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Old Age Decanted

Old Age Decanted 

Vines stand regimented in rows, 
Nurtured and tenderly  adored,
Shielded from harsh winds that blow, 
Until their fruits can be sweetly poured. 

Vines stand regimented in rows,
Older ones gnarled and twisted, 
Allowed grace and respect in age as they grow,
Curtailing their fruitfulness resisted. 

Kids queue regimented in school halls, 
Educated, loved with tender care. 
Soothed and calmed from any of lives falls ,
Until their lives can be independently shared. 

Old folk sit in regimented rows, 
In homes,
Older ones bitter and twisted, 
Allowed ,encouraged to survive in limbo,
Curtailing their lives,through inactivity,insisted !

Vintage wines kept, loved for an age, 
Yet people disregarded once in decline. 
Society should rebel in outrage, 
Value age currency,
Above that of fine wine! 

One Shot Sunday @ OSP