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Monday, 18 July 2011

Missiles Of Love

Missiles of Love 


Around the World, missiles and guns.
 Constantly fired 
Death, birth and love though, 
Not yet retired. 
Innocent children brought into this political unrest 
Too young to fight
 Too young to protest 
Innocence and love in childhood
Is their life,
 It is their norm, 
 Yet elders of countries, 
Constantly fighting to reform!

Maybe the saviours from the devastation 
Emanates from their seed
For every fighting nation 
Its from the innocent 
They should take heed 
No prejudices indoctrinated 
Peace, love and tolerance, 
 The only missiles activated. 


  1. This just makes me take a deep sigh. There is so much discord in our poor world.

    Thanks for your dedication to kidney research...I speak as a transplant survivor--10 years next month!

  2. This poem ends so strongly - well written.

  3. A tragedy how some children suffer - well done on this.

  4. This just makes sense! Now how do we get the leaders to agree? Smiles. Fabulous piece.

  5. sad, well delivered tragedy.

  6. true..........its hard ........

  7. how is a huge seems the only way we know to et what we want it violence...still hope for peace though...

  8. So true, yet most never learn and those that do get sucked into the crossfire.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Sorry about the extra comment. My computer is doing funky things today, lol. That picture is something else. It kind of gives me shivers. It would certainly be nice if the only missiles activated were of peace and love and understanding.

  11. Lovely sentiment could not agree more and you composed it wonderfully. ~ Rose

  12. And during the wars, it is for the children that we pray, implore and beg for a time of peace to rise from the ash of war and for the children to compassionately find an answer that will change the hate to love, and beat the guns into plowshares.

  13. Such a strong poem - really well done

  14. We can always hope and dream, and our collective energy is bound to have an uplifting effect sooner or later.

  15. Strong beginning and end. A composition with heart.


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