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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Flight or Fight

I wrote this on the eve of  The royal wedding with the Jingle Theme for their following week  Doubts, Fears,  inhibitions and hesitations.

Flight  or Fight 

He watched me intently
As an eagle watches prey 
He kept me close to him,
Frightened I may stray. 

I checked his mobile constantly
dove5.gif (30176 bytes)Analysing  ghostly texts
I took all his adulation 
Blew it completely out of context!

He dreamed of church bells ringing 
His bride floating down an aisle
Virgin clothed choristers singing                                                                             
Him taking his prize, proving he was virile !

I screamed at night 
I needed love 
I needed to take flight 
Not to be trapped in a cage like a dove 

 I ran and flew 
I needed to find me 
Before I could find you ...

                                  Submitted to dVerse Poets Open Link Night week 5


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Corridors of Memory 

In the corridors of our minds 
Are memories and times left behind 
Good times to recall and make us smile
Others so bad we could run a mile!

As degeneration sets upon us 
The corridors get blocked
Some memories a kaleidoscope of colours 
Others forever locked !

Thank you to Greg Laychak for the picture

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Journey To The White Stuff

Journey To The White Stuff

Up and up
I look
Up and up, 
Standing, Tall and Grey
Encroaching all around 
Intimidating all that is apart from you. 
The only passage 
A snake wriggling,
 Secure and Safe
 Up and up 
Trees, lush and tall 
Growing thinner, smaller. 
The canvas slowly changing from grey, 
To virgin white, 
Up and up 
Along the meandering grey 
Tarmacadam, viper, 
Sharper twists, smaller turns, 
Glistening icing, 
Allowing our transition into 
A softer, quieter
 Magical fairy land,
Down, Down
The Kingdom of Commerce 
While we play like bunnies
Up, Up
 In our snowy mountain.

( I wrote this after going skiing after a gap of 20yrs )
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Monday, 18 April 2011

Family Chains

Family Chains
( For my sons 21st birthday ) 

To the children we love so much,
Small yet hardy,that's what they say
But as your mum and dad we see you in different ways
Your flawless skin, your sparkling eyes,
The way you drive us mad, always asking why?
One simple step that every child takes,
When you do the same our hearts could break.
From toddler to child you move away
Each independant trait, but we want you to stay
Our child yet our babe forever, we need
To feel somewhere inside you, we are your seed
So never forget that feeling inside,
That you'll always belong and never be freed,
For a chain has been created and will never be broken
To our children we write these words
Thou these thoughts are never spoken!

Photo : Claire Bloomfield

Sunday, 17 April 2011



How you entice me, 
Magnetically coaxing me
Into ?
Wonderland ?
Temptation ?
Freedom ?

How you threaten me, 
Tormenting me 
Into ? 
Insecurity ?
The unknown?
Abandonment ?

How you pull me, 
Coercing  me 
Into ?
Hope ?

A glimpse........just a glimpse .

Picture by James Rainsford

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Memorial To Youth

A  Memorial to Youth

 (one stop poetry Sunday Poetry Challenge)

I Caught the hair, 
Captured your stare
Tormented your soul 
Revived the demons for the old
For with one shot 
It screams ... the truth !
You had their lot 
The beauty
 Youth !