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Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Memorial To Youth

A  Memorial to Youth

 (one stop poetry Sunday Poetry Challenge)

I Caught the hair, 
Captured your stare
Tormented your soul 
Revived the demons for the old
For with one shot 
It screams ... the truth !
You had their lot 
The beauty
 Youth !


  1. Very well done challenge response. For obvious personal reasons, i love the lines "For with one shot / It screams ... the truth!" Nice write

  2. Powerful stuff. Well done.

  3. Wrinkles are good too :) You can't always see the truth in a photograph. Great lines x

  4. oh beauty just changes as you get older...

  5. The beauty of youth...but not the wisdom of age.
    Great read.

  6. One shot.....nice addition.

    Oh the beauty of youth. Once, we all had it.

  7. very picturesque ..almost an ode..:)

  8. Ah to be young again, but with all the wisdom we have so arduously attained!

  9. very powerful thoughts..

    thanks for stopping by my page, iam following you now....wud be good if u cud return the favour...

  10. Ohhhh so wisely done. I truly like it :)

    Take care

    Short Poems

  11. A woman in her 70's told me once, "I have earned every wrinkle I have." I will never forget the strong message she said in so few words.

    Well said. :)

  12. Beautiful words! Fun yet powerful. :)

  13. oh thats good. so capturing.

    thanks for your comment =)


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