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Monday, 18 April 2011

Family Chains

Family Chains
( For my sons 21st birthday ) 

To the children we love so much,
Small yet hardy,that's what they say
But as your mum and dad we see you in different ways
Your flawless skin, your sparkling eyes,
The way you drive us mad, always asking why?
One simple step that every child takes,
When you do the same our hearts could break.
From toddler to child you move away
Each independant trait, but we want you to stay
Our child yet our babe forever, we need
To feel somewhere inside you, we are your seed
So never forget that feeling inside,
That you'll always belong and never be freed,
For a chain has been created and will never be broken
To our children we write these words
Thou these thoughts are never spoken!

Photo : Claire Bloomfield


  1. Happy Birthday to your son.

    sweet tribe.


  2. o! how they sure do make us love them :)

  3. What a beautiful poem. Unconditional love from a parent is priceless... and needed amongst the bazillion "why" questions. :)

  4. it must be a wonderful feeling to be a mother or a parent.

    truly beautiful poem.

  5. How beautiful it is to read a mother's loving words!

  6. Lovely poem! And thanks for your kind words about my humor and limerick blog. :)

  7. So very apt - right on the button - thank you

  8. smiles. yes that is a chain that will always be there...and i am i thought i would never look back but followed it home...a delightful read...

  9. happy birthday to your son years of a mother's love...and i so agree with your words..

  10. The bonds with our children are never, ever broken, despite difference of opinion, place, time, state or circumstance. We are intricately bound together always. Congratulations to your son and to you also!

  11. I who knew the years would go so fast.

  12. If only every child knew the truth of your words...


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