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Short Story / Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

Something had happened, police car sirens could be heard everywhere. Mrs James opened the door and choked back a sob, behind her was a policeman and a police lady as they came closer their eyes grew wide, I knew they could see Gods mark on my face, he had marked me and it was there for all too see, I tried to hide for I knew I should not feel pride. The only thing in my room was my bed there was nowhere to hide, they could see it  and they knew I was special. The lady snuggled me to her, I could smell her sweet smell, a welcoming smell " come on love, everything gonna be all right " she said it to me in the same way my father had spoken to his parishioners, he had said it was his comforting voice.
They led me into a police car, where a phone sat in a cradle as gobbledegook crackled from the dashboard. The police smiled at me, a nice smile " don't worry love we're just going to take you down to the police station where some people want to talk to you " He paused and stroked his chin "its nothing to be frightened of, the're all nice people and only want to help you. "Out of the window I could see Mrs James being taken off in another police car, the policeman wasn't smiling her hands were clasped and I was glad.
When we got to the police station people looked at me, no stared at me, they looked sad, I smiled I wanted them to be glad for me. They took to me a room with soft furniture, bean bags and toys. The police lady came over to me, she sat beside me, she told me mummy and daddy had gone to heaven, she said they had to find out what had happened last night, so they were talking to both me and Mrs James to see if we had seen or heard anything, then she looked at my face where God had marked me, she asked me how it had it happened, I didn't answer I was told never to explain the marks as everyone knew it was Gods hand, it and God didn't need to give explanations. The police lady called my name again "Chloe would you like to help us, we can play a game. Look here's mummy " she gave me two dolls one a lady and the other a man. 
I had never seen dolls like these; my doll was a baby doll. The lady doll wasn't like mummy at all, she had golden hair and big pointies, daddy would have called her a devils worker, although she looked pretty to me. The man was a bit like daddy but his face wasn't so round and daddy would never wear a normal shirt, he always wore his bib and collar, he said that people knew then he was Gods servant, and everybody did, people were always nice to him, even on a Sunday when he shouted from the pulpit, so I knew when he shouted he was speaking for God. God spoke a lot in our house always loudly and always angrily, he was always speaking to me and mummy and sometimes god would make him mark us, it hurt, it stung, but we  were special because god wanted to touch us. Sometimes Mrs James would beg daddy to stop and sometimes when God started speaking Mrs James would take me to the park and when I got home I knew I had missed out because God had marked mummy and not me. I hated Mrs James for that.
I put the dolls down I couldn't play their silly games the door opened and another lady walked in she took my police lady to the other side of the room and spoke to her so I couldn't hear and I knew it was wrong to try  to. The other lady left and my police lady came over, she sat beside me " Chloe tell me about mummy and daddy, were they nice people" 
" Oh yes they were very special people " I said 
"Chloe your going to have to be a very big girl, and I want you to tell me, honestly if daddy ever smacked you ? " 
"NO NO! my daddy would never smack me "
" Okay Chloe, lets talk about different things, what about holidays? Do you like them?" 
" No holidays are for lazy sinners who deny gods work" I yelled at her 
" Chloe most people have holidays as treat or reward. "" But daddy said we should never be 
rewarded for god work "

" Okay Chloe if you could have anything you wanted, what would it be? " 
I felt warm inside " I've had what I've always wanted " I told her 
"You lucky girl not many people have had that, what is it Chloe? Will you tell me? "
" God touched me and spoke to me all the time. I'm special like my mummy and daddy"
"Mummy and daddy were special?" she asked 
" Of course! God was always speaking to daddy and telling daddy to show the world how special I was."
"Go on Chloe, how did daddy do that " I looked at her she must be able to see where god last touched my face, I smiled and touched my mark. The police lady looked sad, as if she was going to cry, " So that's why you're special. You must have thought daddy was even more special?" she said.
" Oh he was, God had chosen him, mummy and I were so lucky. God was always telling him to show mummy and me we were special, and marking us, so the whole world knew, except daddy said it was sinful to gloat so we stayed indoors when we were lucky enough to have mark " The police lady looked puzzled " So Chloe where do you think mummy and daddy have gone now, Do you think they have gone to heaven?"
" Yes of course they have gone to heaven I made sure of that, the way God was speaking to daddy I'm sure he wanted to see daddy, and mummy had to go as well, it wouldn't be any fun if daddy had  gone by himself"
"Chloe, you know mummy and daddy aren't coming back, don't you?" the police lady asked me
 " I don't mind I know sacrifice is good. I do hope mummy and daddy will be happy talking to God and being able to see him. Mrs James is going to be angry with me, the sheets are such a mess and she'll never get all the blood out, her angers not the same as daddies, its not from God"

"I don't think Mrs James will be washing laundry for quite some time Chloe, she'll go and live in a special place where she can be taken care off, the same way in which you will be taken care of Chloe but you must now pay gods price" I don't hear the rest, I know the ultimate sacrifice for god has begun. I am glad.God has once, more triumphed, Mrs James has had to pay for denying god his will, mummy and daddy are Gods right hand and I will forever devote my life to him without interference from outsiders …

how many children can have all they want ?

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  1. Very dark. You capture this warped child's mind well.

  2. Goosebumps! Brilliant story and a great read!

  3. Replies
    1. Many thanks for your comment it was really appreciated thank you !


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