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Poetry is medication for the soul

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bus Stop Watching

Standing, waiting, watching,
Business suit,
Old hag,
Dirty mac smoking a fag.

Standing, waiting, watching,
Metal cans whizzing past,
Anonymous faces,
Rushing to places.

Standing, waiting, watching,
Kids screaming till red in the face,
Mums shouting,
Some days outing.

Standing, waiting, watching,
Monster coming,
Almost to its fill,
Collecting me as usual for the treadmill.
Standing, waiting, watching.

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

You sit in your red plastic seat,
Awaiting your destiny, one we will all meet,
You cling to your chairs wooden sides, your knuckles clenched  
Only when the pain is really intense.

Your fibres hang on to your meagre frame,
When you catch sight of your own reflection,
You see how much you have changed,
The many folds of skin, the lack of hair,
You know inside you'll soon be there.

Around the rooms more chairs await,
For those who have lived and feel they are late,
For the place we are all going,
They have to wait in this state,
Until it's their time to knock on heavens gate.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Little People,Big World

Little People,Big World

Given to us at birth,
The way we live on Earth,
In our colour,race and faith,
Always some who are born to hate.
Their adversaries are the same!

Bombs against life go flying,
While the young innocent ones lay dying,
Boys who have grown into men,
Tortured by their beliefs and fighting again.
They are all the same!

Both breathe the same air,
Have the same thoughts,
Both want the same,
Peace of some sort!
We are all the same !

Our globe is so big,
Their thoughts so small
They can't or won't see,
Its big enough for all
Are we all the same?

Beauty Abound

Beauty Abound

A glimpse of dew at the start of the day.
The sun shining on leaves as they play.
A piece of clay shaped into a loving animal.
The whoosh of sea when entered by a mammal.
A touch of a white flawless face like ivory.
The wearing of fine silk covered in embroidery.
A gleaming,gigantic bridge that meets the skies.
The graceful movement of a bird as it flies.
A sparkle from a clear white gem.
The sleek contours of fast cars preferred by men.
A whiff of newly fresh baked bread.
The scenes of sea,sun and sand in the med.
A cold icy blow from snowy weather.
The rhythm of musical instruments when they work together.
A sleepy eyed glance from your latest lover.
The soft warm,comforting embraces from your mother.
To encapsulate these within in a lotion,
Would surely be the best selling beauty potion.
We would have to put into a special box
Then let everyone have just one drop.

New Blog


New blog,New beginnings,
Resolutions made but promises already thinning.
New folks needing cultivated,
Old friends, hoping this is what they have awaited.

New goals there for pursuing,
Past disappointments still doing their wooing,
All that's new is here for the offing.
Thoughts constantly in my head, always wafting.

So take heed and explore the new,
Don't  forget the writings of the past,
When you least expect
They will come
Entice you !!