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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Little People,Big World

Little People,Big World

Given to us at birth,
The way we live on Earth,
In our colour,race and faith,
Always some who are born to hate.
Their adversaries are the same!

Bombs against life go flying,
While the young innocent ones lay dying,
Boys who have grown into men,
Tortured by their beliefs and fighting again.
They are all the same!

Both breathe the same air,
Have the same thoughts,
Both want the same,
Peace of some sort!
We are all the same !

Our globe is so big,
Their thoughts so small
They can't or won't see,
Its big enough for all
Are we all the same?


  1. i think in some ways we are all the same, in many cases it is experience that molds us different in how we achieve the desires of our heart...

  2. Great rhetorical question at the end. The second stanza got to me "Boys who have grown into men,
    Tortured by their beliefs and fighting again." It does seem to be that way in many instances.

  3. Very interesting post. In many ways we are all the same, but in some we're not, because of what we view as precious or simply not negotiable. I like that your post will make people stop and think...

  4. Forgo the humanness of each of other and we suffer the world

  5. We are all the easily we forget!

  6. You're right - history does have a way of repeating itself doesn't it? Sometimes I think we are all the same, at the core, but then you rub up against so many different types of people, and realise our diversity. Very thought-provoking Kerry!

  7. We are mostly all the same, but our ideas of "peace" are not. Some people won't find peace until all of one race or nation are dead. Unfortunately hatred is bred, so absolving the world of it is impossible without a major revelation. Peace is a beautiful concept though. :-(

  8. and we say #Peace is a common goal ~ and #peace for all ~ young men going off to fight for peace ~ barely more than boys ~ not having a chance to get to know ~ families torn and ripped apart ~ no #peace for them ~ Such a well timed write Kerry and so poignant ~ while everyone is out spending money they may not have ~ creating a whole pile of other #stress without #peace of mind ~ and missing so many ~ My Grandad experienced during the WW1 at the front line in the trenches in Flanders ~ that period of coming together #ceasefire #peace ~ this began with the singing of carols and the appearance of Christmas trees along the trenches, joining singing which led to both sides reaching out to communicate. From these first hesitant contacts informal ceasefires were arranged between units. As the lines in many places were only 30-70 yards apart, Christmas was celebrated in full, with men visiting across the lines and gifts of food and tobacco being exchanged. In several places, games of soccer were organized, though these tended to be mass "kick abouts" rather than formal matches' .. Grandad played cards with those from across the line ~ don't know why I put this in Kerry but just made me think ~ Great post ~ #Peace #Love and #Light to you and yours Kerry ~ with warmest hugs ~ Lib

  9. We are ONE! Kerry...this is potent! Thanks so much for sending this my way. Much needed thoughts as the chaos of this time of year starts threatening to take over all. Wonderful lessons....reminders for us all. No matter whose body may bleed the blood, ultimately it pumps from our own hearts, and the entirety that is the whole suffers. One love sister Poet...your words have been missed as I have been unable to devote much time to reading. Boss man can't blame me for this one...I've read it to him too! :)

  10. Very touching and sadly all too true.


  11. brilliant,
    Thanks for adding cheers to our place,
    well done!

  12. Like the design and rhyme and the message.


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