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Sunday, 26 February 2012

PoP Art


The Maestro Of Populace culture 
Was he an artist or merely a celebrity vulture ?
Perhaps a man obsessed or in the vice of OCD, 
Having to paint the everyday that we see, 
Having to repeat again and again,   
 Icons who oozed charisma and found fame, 
Courted the press and played the game, 
Perhaps he was seen initially with derision, 
When he presented his everyday art in his vision.
Now many follow in his wake, 
 Copying and concocting fakes, 
But none of them will be so smart 
To start a new culture one called pop art !


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Juggling Act

The Juggling Act 

Street Art By Sam3
It can be such a struggle 
Juggling our relationships, 
Within our social bubbles, 
Our friends to us one offs, unique, 
Some social butterflies, others truly geeks. 
Each one interlocking creating 
Pieces in the jigsaw of our stories, 
Sharing in our tears and our glories, 
Yet mix them up, combine,
Give them some time, 
Leave them to mingle in a room, 
Some will find common ground, 
Others personalties will clash, go boom,
But within each, they allow us to feed 
On our need for what they have to give, 
It works both ways its also what they receive.
Friends shouldn't be exclusive, 
Yet true harmony amongst any pack, 
Is rare, precious and usually elusive !

A Gorgeous Day

A Gorgeous Day

Sizzle, griddled ,
Till cooked in the middle 
Smothered and covered 
In crystals of sugar,
Citrus juices squeezed, 
To tease and please 
Stacked up high disc upon disc 
Desperate to munch, quick, quick 
Sugary lips so lemony, so lick, lick, 
Those delicious delights so smothered, 
Remind us of times when we were mothered 
A time of love, kindness, innocence and peace 
Its a time when adulthood stops for a moment,
A minute, it just seems to cease !

Monday, 13 February 2012

Vintage Valentine

Vintage Valentin

I love you ,Oh so very much !
My body tingles with every touch,
When you look at me in that way, 
Time stops, ceases to exist at least for a day,
When you hold me so near in your arms, 
No man or beast would dare do me harm 
As we lie close, caressing one another, 
No goddess in heaven could want another lover,
Yet this is our heaven night after night, 
Our years together and it still feel so right! 
Our love is alive, it's still so much fun,
Never to be relinquished 
Not even for the moon, stars or sun,
My deepest wish is to remain with you, in this bed, 
Till we're very, very old or preferably dead!  
So when we finally reach those famous pearly gates 
You and I can start on over, right from our first date ! 

Easily Pleased

Easily Pleased 

What do I want for Valentine ?
Not chocolates, gems or dresses, 
Just love, you and sweet caresses, 
Forever us knowing love divine.  

What do I want for next year?  
Not holidays, fancy meals or promotions, 
Just love, you and your devotions, 
Forever us knowing love is premier. 

What do I want for life?
Not fast cars, houses or high fashion, 
Just love, you and loads and loads of passion, 
Forever us being a loving husband and wife! 


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Balancing The Impossible

Balancing The Impossible 

Good,evil, wrong or right 
Are they bad if it's not within sight ?
Cultural and social traditions,  
Black magic, old suspicions, 
Arranged marriages of submission,
Same sexes needing permissions.

Life existing in a deathly stance, 
Yet murders committed in a glance,
Those left, feeling devastated and bereft, 
There is no understanding of the human theft,
Created in the name of a god or idol,
Those Fierce fanatics turning suicidal !

Good,evil, right or wrong
The world may one day, sing the same song 
Gather together in harmony as a loving clan, 
Restore understanding, hope, a balance,
A united front, a global Yin Yang.  

Love is a delicate balance

Submitted to dVerse Poets Poetics whose theme was Poetry and Philosophy

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mirror Mirror In The Hall

Mirror Mirror In The Hall

Salvador Dali  

That mirror in every ones hall,
Has seen life, seen it all,
Everybody who's passed its way,
Their reflection caught and absorbed away,
Faces contorted with pained fear,
As life changing events charge ever near,
Tears checked within it's light,
Smudges cleared until faces look just right,
Rampant curls teased to behave,
Beards diminished while men shave,
Every occasion and every day
The mirror has witnessed mixed bouquets,
Of tears, joys, the men, the boys
Kids, wives, mothers, lovers
All.the families significant others,
So every mirror could tell a tale
Release families secrets, remove the veil,
So mirror, mirror in the hall, 
Stay inanimate never reveal all !

Submitted to :dVerse Poets Open Link Night where poets create and share ! 

Turn The Page

Turn The Page

She Stood sequined and juiced up, 
Rain mingling with tears,at the nearest bus stop,              
Her last night pounding the streets                                                               
Cheapening herself cos of debts to meet, 
Dutch couraged up to numb her shame
Still she didn't want to win at this game. 

If she could she'd turn back the page 
She'd keep her cool not fly into a violent rage,   
She'd play the housewife, 
Cook, clean, dress prim, play nice I
She wouldn't question his beliefs 
She'd put up with the shouting, manage the grief, 
She'd stay indoors, sweep the floors, 
Put up with lack of funds, kept behind locked doors.

If she could turn back the page 
She'd start again to a time when 
Life was carefree the only person
To answer to, was me, 
She could wear what she desired 
She'd set dance floors ablaze, on fire, 
She'd work, earn her own wealth
Join a gym, eat well, look after her health! 

If she could turn back the page, 
She'd live well into old age, 
She'd find her Mr Right 
Instead of alone in the black of night 
Slumped on hard ,cold, concrete 
In a street, unknown, alone, obsolete 

If she had turned the page 

Sandy Sussman 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ice Baby

Ice Baby 

"Ice Baby" he chimed 
With those sparkling diamonds tinkling in time, 
Their regimented shapes clattered against metal, 
Silenced only once the bucket is settled,
Cool cubes of refreshing zing, 
Chilling all with their translucent bling, 
Plink, plink into the juice 
Drink,drink before their vamoossed,   
Slowly oozing  back to their origin, 
Liquefying becoming unfrozen, 
 Objects of perfection, 
Gone without solid detection, 
Ice baby, Ice !

Submitted to :dVerse Poets Poetics  whose theme was object  

Thursday, 2 February 2012


In Memory !

A tortured heart beats within,
This orphaned mother with the thick skin,
A life so short, so sweet and true,
Taken away never,
To recover from the loss of you!

Years and years pass by,
Yet a vision of you,
Remains constant in my minds eye,
Forever young you will always be,
An innocent child always to me!

Regrets of special moments lost,
Of birthdays and life goals crossed,
Even the mundane strife of daily life
Of meeting  loving and knowing your kin
My tortured heart continues,beating within!