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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Turn The Page

Turn The Page

She Stood sequined and juiced up, 
Rain mingling with tears,at the nearest bus stop,              
Her last night pounding the streets                                                               
Cheapening herself cos of debts to meet, 
Dutch couraged up to numb her shame
Still she didn't want to win at this game. 

If she could she'd turn back the page 
She'd keep her cool not fly into a violent rage,   
She'd play the housewife, 
Cook, clean, dress prim, play nice I
She wouldn't question his beliefs 
She'd put up with the shouting, manage the grief, 
She'd stay indoors, sweep the floors, 
Put up with lack of funds, kept behind locked doors.

If she could turn back the page 
She'd start again to a time when 
Life was carefree the only person
To answer to, was me, 
She could wear what she desired 
She'd set dance floors ablaze, on fire, 
She'd work, earn her own wealth
Join a gym, eat well, look after her health! 

If she could turn back the page, 
She'd live well into old age, 
She'd find her Mr Right 
Instead of alone in the black of night 
Slumped on hard ,cold, concrete 
In a street, unknown, alone, obsolete 

If she had turned the page 

Sandy Sussman 


  1. Oh, what a sad life for her to lead. I hope she did turn the page. Very deep and disturbing because it is so true for so many women who have to resort to this.

  2. A sad and tragic fate to fall on women...Still I have hopes she will get up and live her own life...powerful piece here ~

    Cheers ~

  3. def a rough place she ended up...funny i was just talking to an 18 year old about the similar turn of the page as they face adulthood now and tough decisions...sad but we can not go back...but hopefully in that find our way forward...

  4. no, we can't go back, no could have would have should have....


  5. no, we can't go back, no could have would have should have....


  6. Sad reality but as others have said, we can't go back. We can only make new choices. I have the impression, though, that she never had the chance.

  7. whew, sound like many regrets, how very sad for her.

  8. Oh, I am so glad I'm not living life in the realm of "If only"

    Wonderful sharing


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