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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mirror Mirror In The Hall

Mirror Mirror In The Hall

Salvador Dali  

That mirror in every ones hall,
Has seen life, seen it all,
Everybody who's passed its way,
Their reflection caught and absorbed away,
Faces contorted with pained fear,
As life changing events charge ever near,
Tears checked within it's light,
Smudges cleared until faces look just right,
Rampant curls teased to behave,
Beards diminished while men shave,
Every occasion and every day
The mirror has witnessed mixed bouquets,
Of tears, joys, the men, the boys
Kids, wives, mothers, lovers
All.the families significant others,
So every mirror could tell a tale
Release families secrets, remove the veil,
So mirror, mirror in the hall, 
Stay inanimate never reveal all !

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  1. so much for a mirror to only reflects what we do...and at times its reflection is not as true as we hoped and others it is all too real capturing what we hope no one else sees....

  2. Oooooh Kez!

    Don't you ever quiz my parent's hall mirror... the stories it could tell :)

    Lovely poem, thanks for sharing :)

  3. I like this take on the gave it a voice and eyes ~

  4. If these walls could talk...what a garden for imagination...what if a mirror held each face like a video camera and captured the expressions passing by.

  5. oh, yes, I hope the mirror stays silent.

  6. Made me smile as, across the room, I see the mirror in my entryway and think of all those who have passed by it over the years.

  7. Does the mirror never lie? One can only hope so, otherwise we'd be thrown into an alien world where truth is lies and lies are truth. Such are the tales told by mirrors, whose silent life you begin to chronicle so well.

  8. So true. I wish I could pick my mirror's brain sometimes. :)

  9. The stories our mirrors could tell. This makes for great poetry.

  10. so true...they could tell stories for hours and hours...just when i think what weird things i do in front of the mirror...dancing and singing and talking silly things...smiles

  11. I never thought of this. I like your take on mirrors and I enjoyed reading you poem :)


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