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Sunday, 26 February 2012

PoP Art


The Maestro Of Populace culture 
Was he an artist or merely a celebrity vulture ?
Perhaps a man obsessed or in the vice of OCD, 
Having to paint the everyday that we see, 
Having to repeat again and again,   
 Icons who oozed charisma and found fame, 
Courted the press and played the game, 
Perhaps he was seen initially with derision, 
When he presented his everyday art in his vision.
Now many follow in his wake, 
 Copying and concocting fakes, 
But none of them will be so smart 
To start a new culture one called pop art !



  1. def he forged the way to a whole new way of viewing art...there are still those that test the bounds but pioneers all...

  2. I saw a lot of his stuff as being someone who has a bit of OCD. He did have talent though. Nice piece Kez :)

  3. Imagine how his eyes saw everyday things.....!

    Nicely done!

  4. Well done you! Fun answer to this Mag in question.

  5. Hmm... reminds me of the strange breakfast fodder called 'Pop Tarts'...

  6. You had me at Maestro Of Populace...

  7. Awesome! Love this tribute. He was an amazing artist. :)

  8. Warhol did make a splash with the art culture. I remember the reverberation amidst fine artists ...
    Hope all is well

  9. Certainly a culture vulture with OCD.


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