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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ice Baby

Ice Baby 

"Ice Baby" he chimed 
With those sparkling diamonds tinkling in time, 
Their regimented shapes clattered against metal, 
Silenced only once the bucket is settled,
Cool cubes of refreshing zing, 
Chilling all with their translucent bling, 
Plink, plink into the juice 
Drink,drink before their vamoossed,   
Slowly oozing  back to their origin, 
Liquefying becoming unfrozen, 
 Objects of perfection, 
Gone without solid detection, 
Ice baby, Ice !

Submitted to :dVerse Poets Poetics  whose theme was object  


  1. Coming to a sparkling bucket near you. What is colder and better. How did we live without you, oh wait, no one came to Texas before you did. You and your cool making machines...permitted the flow into the unbearable heat waiting for the clink, ka clink of you. Well done

  2. ha nice...of course the song by vanilla ice instantly popped in my ice babe...haha...but where would we be without cool our lemonade...smiles.

  3. What's that story about the guy who believed ice was the ultimate achievement of modern man? I think he had a point. This was a lot of fun.

  4. Is this why diamonds are a girl's best friend? I liked the rhymes, internal and ending, and found it a charming way to end the night! As prelude to a night of frivolity, the apparitions of romance and seduction resonate like a tuning bar.

  5. This was a lot of fun to read! I think you've made me appreciate those frozen cubes just a bit more.

  6. Lovely little ditty that made me giggle, mine's vanilla hahaa


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