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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Balancing The Impossible

Balancing The Impossible 

Good,evil, wrong or right 
Are they bad if it's not within sight ?
Cultural and social traditions,  
Black magic, old suspicions, 
Arranged marriages of submission,
Same sexes needing permissions.

Life existing in a deathly stance, 
Yet murders committed in a glance,
Those left, feeling devastated and bereft, 
There is no understanding of the human theft,
Created in the name of a god or idol,
Those Fierce fanatics turning suicidal !

Good,evil, right or wrong
The world may one day, sing the same song 
Gather together in harmony as a loving clan, 
Restore understanding, hope, a balance,
A united front, a global Yin Yang.  

Love is a delicate balance

Submitted to dVerse Poets Poetics whose theme was Poetry and Philosophy


  1. we can only pray that harmony is found and that it transcends all the other philosophies....religeous fanaticism has been the death of many...

    1. hey you...smiles...happy saturday to you!

  2. Nice take on the yin and yang of life...hopefully someday we can find the balance and peace ~

    Cool picture..I like it ~

  3. Your use of the opposites in both your verse and your image are quite well done. Your point about harmony as somehow coming about thru the equalization of the opposites assumes, I think, that one can be conscious of them in oneself as well as in others. That type of self-awareness itself requires an ability to understand the true nature of others' actions, and perhaps motivations. In addition, such an awareness requires a grasp of cosmic proportions that might in most cases be beyond human capability. Having said that, though, I do believe that the instances of disharmony are so true it bears repeating in as many ways and as many times as possible.

  4. Strong poem! We DO need a united front.

  5. Wow - good poem - ditto what Charles and Mary said - what else is there to add?

  6. ha--i wish we would one day gather together in harmony as a loving clan-- but think it's still a long way to go...balancing the impossible.. wish there was a way..

  7. Unite indeed! How long do you figure it will take us to realize we are all seeking the same thing...wonderful share, as always and really resonated to the image as well. Write on, Kez...we're going to change the world! ;)

  8. Still loving this one lady! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  9. I love your optimism! One day ...


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