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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Human Atomics

Human Atomics

We're in a room, hitting the walls
The worlds not round its like a hall,
People can't breathe, they're walking the walls
Their ideas keep crashing and having fights. 
If only one of them could see the light

The hall's so long and people can't see,
Their ideas so small they need to be freed !
Lets knock down the wall,
So people can see, let their ideas breathe,
Then hopefully they'll see the worlds much bigger

And its not just me !

Life/Death Support.

Life/Death Support

There you lie in your sterile bed,
With your sterile hands and your sterile head.
Tubes growing from your torso and limbs,
Your body intact but your spirit becoming thin.

I look at this person I knew before 
All lifeless and blank,a human no more. 
The tubes are your lifeline,all yellow and clear 
To rip them out and give you your pride,
I would pay dear 
But to have loved and watch you now 
My own Death I fear !