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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Party Smiles

Party Smiles 

Picture by Bert Stern

The clock struck twelve, 
But no one would delve, 
Behind the smiles, 
Of the party girl with her precious pearls
Sporting coiffured and well groomed curls, 
 As the champagne flowed, 
No sadness showed 
Behind her smiles! 

The clock struck one,
A new year had begun, 
She walked tentatively alone for almost a mile,
Tears threatened and pricked behind the smiles, 
The tears they flowed, 
Her sadness had stewed 
Behind her smiles ! 

And at a quarter to two, 
She knew what she wanted to do. 
She cut her flesh , felt feelings afresh,
The blood seemed comforting as it flowed, 
 Refuse to slow, 
She didn't weep as the blood oozed and seeped, 
She passed away on that brand new day, 
Smiling genuinely at the start of a new year in her morbid decay !

 Submitted toMagpie Tales

Monday, 26 December 2011

New year,New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginning.

New Year, New beginnings,
 Promises made, yet already thinning,
New Friendships ready to be created, 
Old ones needing nurtured, tended, updated!
Brand new goals to reach, set for pursuing,
Yet past disappointments linger, still doing their wooing,
It's a new year and new beginnings are the offering, 
 Tho thoughts in your head persist, constantly wafting!

So you should take note of your dreams, explore the new,
Learn from the lessons of the past,
When you least expect
They will come
Torment you !!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Holiday Love x

Holiday Love x 

The turkeys wrapped, 
The presents roasted, 
Chimney is swept, 
To stop Santa getting toasted !

On the eve of celebrations, 
I write this ditty of felicitations,
To all the friends I have made,
Through various communications.

May your holidays be filled with love and joy ,
My wish for the world at peace never to be destroyed,
So as we wrap our gifts with dedication, 
Think of them as our globe, 
Treat them gently , wrap them for protection!

The gift of love is all I've wrapped for you 
In bright, shiny, smiles and big hugs too, 
Happy Holidays with love !
From me to you x