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Monday, 21 May 2012

Clowning Around

Clowning around 
Painting by Max Chagall 1967
The Circus With The Yellow Clown

So that's how I'm seen
A joke !
or so it seems,
Forever I feel you make me jump through hoops,
Putting me down in front of friends 
Or any groups
Yet my stomach does somersaults
My unrequited love for you.
 Is not your fault,
But it's true and real,
It's within, it's how I feel,
My tummy flips like a trapeze star, 
I love you and who you are, 
Yet every time we're close, 
I mentally walk a tiny tightrope, 
Watching everything I say and do, 
Trying desperately to impress just you, 
If I could just learn some magic tricks 
Something special to make you tick, 
Would you then return my feelings 
Be sincere, love me with some meaning, 
Would you cease to treat me as a clown,  
Love me for me and stop messing around.
Or do I disappear in a puff of smoke 
Give up on you, my perfect bloke ?

Submitted to : Magpie Tales  who supplied the pictorial prompt check other people interpretation @ Magpie

Balloon Wishes

Balloon Wishes 

Balloons carry my wishes to the sky, 
I filled you with love and hope so you may fly, 
I kissed in my breathy kisses 
So you may deliver up my wishes, 
My hopes and dreams mingle in the clouds 
As I say them quietly to my self 
Yet they scream in my head so loud
Fly safe my dreams and wishes, never stop 
I will not allow my hopes for the future go pop 
Wind and air may ooze away, 
Though my dreams and hope are here to stay!
My hopes and dreams will never stop 
Even though balloons and notions may go 

Ticking Clock

Ticking Clock
Photograph by: (Photo by Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images)

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The clock stopped, 
As the earth rocked, 
Ancient Teutonic plates, 
Move, shift and reshape, 
Life of man and scene, 
Buildings crumbled to smithereens. 

The clock crumbled, 
As the earth rumbled ,
People scared, unprepared,
As the earth moved, 
Settling into a new groove. 

The clock's smashed, 
Nature's thrashed,
Feelings frayed ! 
People feel betrayed, 
By a higher being, 
Controlling yet unseeing. 

The clock will tick, 
Towers rebuilt brick by brick,
Faith will once more be restored, 
The controlling force once more adored, 
Human's strength, will overcome the woes, 
Trees and plants and lives will regrow, 
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock 
Life continues it will not 

Submitted to :JP At The Olive Garden 
Week 36 Theme: Let's read the following online media sources, and write a poem or a prose on topic they are talking about and appear interesting to you...have fun!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bad Barbie

Bad Barbie 
Oh Barbie's gone bad!
Is that sad? 
Or a reflection of society? 
Is it right that we're brain washed by sight, 
That women should be a pink perfection, 
Groomed merely for men s delectation, 
Barbie's so bad! 

Oh Barbies gone mad! 
Is that sad? 
Or is it just a reflection of true life, 
A job, a mother, a lover, a wife, 
A world of stresses, 
Not just pretty dresses, 
Barbie's so mad!   

Barbies had her day!
There's more to play, 
Than pushing stereotypical roles, 
Society changes, so do goals, 
Women are the spine of humanity, 
Peace,love and human equality,
Are the roles that should promoted 
Barbie's had her day
Pink and Fluffy s been demoted!
Barbies So bad ! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Walking With Big Brother

Walking With Big Brother 
Ben Goossens 
Echoes of footfall 
Heard by unseeing beings, 
Replayed some place faraway
 Day after day, 
Strolls of the lonely,
 Never alone
Every solitary step taken, 
Replayed and replayed, 
Location checked by a phone, 
Craving space alone
 Away from the human race, 
No escape from eyes that prey, 
This is the state of this state
 In this modern day, 
Freedom of self no longer free, 
Not when you want to be alone.
 Just be you, be free!

More fab art from Ben Goossens

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Man And Machine

Man And Machine 

technology surrounds us,, 
bombards us, 
plays us, 
man and machine
gadgets, gadgets, 
some men scream,
driving them insane 
working, no longer a game, 
now a necessity, 
to study it all in it's complexity!
technology surrounds us, 
bombards us, 
saves us,
men and machine, 
yes some have been 
saved while they prayed, 
for natural organic matter 
to replace pumps, filters, skin and flesh  
before the bleep dies, goes flat ! 

technology surrounds us, 
bombards us, 
astounds us, 
men and machine, 
see things now, 
which have never been seen,
things become uncovered, 
new things yet to be discovered !

Man and machine 
A new world 
A new team 
One of communication, 
Education, a more 
Civil civilization ! 

Man controls the machines, 
They hold in their hands, 
Our destiny our dreams! 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost

Solous And Maser Irish Street Artists 

What's happened to childhood today 
Where did it go to?
Its been taken  away, 
Little men and Ladies, 
Seeing things they ought not to see 
Innocence robbed 
In our quest for technology,
 Visual delights constantly
 Bombards them 
Without their consent 
Music booms loudly
 Without any real intent,
Yet into virgin minds 
It drips and slips
drip, drip, 
Innocence suffocating  
Till childhood is all stripped. 
Innocence protected
Should be a directive, 
Little princes and princesses 
Should be adored and safe 
Without adult worries, habits and stresses! 

Submitted to dVerse Poets Open Link Night Where poets create and share check out fab poets there !

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Musical Mnemonic

Musical Mnemonic
I'm getting old 
Or so I'm told 
Getting long in the tooth, 
Ain't that the truth! 
Yet I trundle along 
Till I hear that song 
Then years disappear.
As the notes reach my ears,
I'm back to being eighteen 
Dance, dance,
My brain screams !
I travel back in time 
To when I was in my prime,
The music would play 
We'd dance and sway, 
We'd kiss and caress, 
Needing love,
 Wanting to possess,.
The tune gently fades, 
Reality invades, 
I'm back to today,
To continue my decay! 
Yet when I hear that melody, 
I'm back to the previous century! 

Submitted to dVerse Poets Poetics where the prompt was Music pop along and check all the fabulous poets !

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Urban Fishes

Urban Fishes 
Street art by Hyuro In Valencia Spain 
Is it just you 
going through 
 your mind 
all the time ? 
Can't you see it 
it not just me, 
Break out of the zone 
Your not alone ! 

See the trees, 
Feel the breeze ,
See those around 
Don't drown 
We're all the same, 
We all feel pain !

It's not just you,
Feeling blue, 
Feel the breeze, 
Confront your needs,
Open your heart, 
Make the start, 
To feel a need, 
To love 
To succeed ! 

More art By Hyuro @ Unurth Street Art