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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Man And Machine

Man And Machine 

technology surrounds us,, 
bombards us, 
plays us, 
man and machine
gadgets, gadgets, 
some men scream,
driving them insane 
working, no longer a game, 
now a necessity, 
to study it all in it's complexity!
technology surrounds us, 
bombards us, 
saves us,
men and machine, 
yes some have been 
saved while they prayed, 
for natural organic matter 
to replace pumps, filters, skin and flesh  
before the bleep dies, goes flat ! 

technology surrounds us, 
bombards us, 
astounds us, 
men and machine, 
see things now, 
which have never been seen,
things become uncovered, 
new things yet to be discovered !

Man and machine 
A new world 
A new team 
One of communication, 
Education, a more 
Civil civilization ! 

Man controls the machines, 
They hold in their hands, 
Our destiny our dreams! 


  1. Oh gosh it bombards us, drives us mad and man does control it...or does he??? Nice Write!

  2. Technology is all around us, we can't escape it unless we live in the mountains. I hope that we will use the benefits for the betterment of others and the world ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  3. tech does surround us...and innovation has def paved the way for things...we just have to make sure we dont cross breed you know...smiles...

  4. Technology surrounds us....sometimes it's just too much....

  5. maybe we are the ones bombarding technology??? think about that one!! :)

    Sonnet 40

  6. Do I detect a bit of irony here? This sounds like a team chant for the day when Progress will carry us into those rosy pictures we've seen in science fiction fantasies. It's interesting to me that fewer people believe in Progress (with a capital P) anymore. When I was young it was all over the news and in the books and in the air. What's happened to defuse that optimism? Your poem, though perhaps tongue-in-cheek, has the cation at the end that we as a species might need to heed.

  7. The repetition works really well. Nice write!


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