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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Musical Mnemonic

Musical Mnemonic
I'm getting old 
Or so I'm told 
Getting long in the tooth, 
Ain't that the truth! 
Yet I trundle along 
Till I hear that song 
Then years disappear.
As the notes reach my ears,
I'm back to being eighteen 
Dance, dance,
My brain screams !
I travel back in time 
To when I was in my prime,
The music would play 
We'd dance and sway, 
We'd kiss and caress, 
Needing love,
 Wanting to possess,.
The tune gently fades, 
Reality invades, 
I'm back to today,
To continue my decay! 
Yet when I hear that melody, 
I'm back to the previous century! 

Submitted to dVerse Poets Poetics where the prompt was Music pop along and check all the fabulous poets !


  1. You are awesome! Can't contain my smile as I think of how certain songs take me back to a time when I was actually able to REALLY enjoy them...I still get my moments, but I keep the phone near by in case I fall and can't get up! ;)

  2. Just lovely and no, don't give up on dancing yet! Keep up those moves even if they are a little less wild than they were. Really enjoyed this, funny and touching.thanks.

  3. So true- love how music lets you escape into the past, recalling memories of youth , and rebellion and's just a shame when that reality comes crashing back can we stop it? Bottle it maybe- and take a hefty swignofnit now and again ....really enjoyed the form.....playful, bouncing down the page - good work here! Great work in fact!

  4. is such a great time travel machine...isn't it..when i listen to some of the old songs i can smell youth again...ha..but what i love so much is that every time has its own dancing..smiles

  5. will def transport us back to those earlier days...i may never stop dancing it just may be a little harder...and maybe a little slower...smiles...

  6. they are literally 'time machines' taking us right back to a particular event or memorable scene - the years shed clean away - and I like you am young again - 'My Girl' - always the last dance of the night - head on chest, hands claasped, held close in his arms - loved where you took me with this - Mmmmm - Love Lib x x

  7. Sweet, this is really good. Flowing and makes me want to read it again. Thanks.
    I love the picture!

  8. A beautifully written poem Kez! I love how your character remenisses back to her younger days, on hearing the music. I love the flow of it, that it almost sounds music to read, the way the word bounce. A cool way to describing the event, and telling a story at the same time. I absolutely loved it! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXOXOXO

  9. Ha! I love "I'm back today to continue my decay". Very melodic indeed. :-)


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