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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Walking With Big Brother

Walking With Big Brother 
Ben Goossens 
Echoes of footfall 
Heard by unseeing beings, 
Replayed some place faraway
 Day after day, 
Strolls of the lonely,
 Never alone
Every solitary step taken, 
Replayed and replayed, 
Location checked by a phone, 
Craving space alone
 Away from the human race, 
No escape from eyes that prey, 
This is the state of this state
 In this modern day, 
Freedom of self no longer free, 
Not when you want to be alone.
 Just be you, be free!

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  1. haha you will have to venture far to find any solitude or truly get off the map...and leave beihind much or they will follow you...

  2. I wish it would be as easy as this but it is not ~ Nice share ~

  3. Not so easy .... Nice write !

  4. O, the pearls of solitude! Not an easy find. Nice write!


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