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Monday, 21 May 2012

Clowning Around

Clowning around 
Painting by Max Chagall 1967
The Circus With The Yellow Clown

So that's how I'm seen
A joke !
or so it seems,
Forever I feel you make me jump through hoops,
Putting me down in front of friends 
Or any groups
Yet my stomach does somersaults
My unrequited love for you.
 Is not your fault,
But it's true and real,
It's within, it's how I feel,
My tummy flips like a trapeze star, 
I love you and who you are, 
Yet every time we're close, 
I mentally walk a tiny tightrope, 
Watching everything I say and do, 
Trying desperately to impress just you, 
If I could just learn some magic tricks 
Something special to make you tick, 
Would you then return my feelings 
Be sincere, love me with some meaning, 
Would you cease to treat me as a clown,  
Love me for me and stop messing around.
Or do I disappear in a puff of smoke 
Give up on you, my perfect bloke ?

Submitted to : Magpie Tales  who supplied the pictorial prompt check other people interpretation @ Magpie


  1. sounds like far too much work for little or naught...and too much stress always walking the tightrope...i vote walk...

  2. I almost wanted to rap this one!


  3. Try it once without that heavy makeup and floppy shoes -- in other words, as the real unadorned you -- that might be what's needed. :-)

  4. Those clown masks hide so much...

  5. You captured the look on Yellow Clown's face quite nicely!

  6. I love the feeling of hope and the sense of hidden treasure that you have so wonderfully developed in your poem, Kez. Thank you for sharing. =D

  7. This was charming and I genuinely enjoyed it. Reminds me of a Magnetic Fields song.

  8. I think I would walk too...

    Anna :o]

  9. i like how the tummy flips on the trapeze. what happens to the people under the trapeze? yikes.

  10. Some wonderful language here. I really enjoyed it!


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