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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Colourful Life

A Colourful Life 
Natasha Head

Colours fill my mind,
Memories and experiences
My history in design.

Colours fill my life,
  As a mother, wife and lover,
Psychedelia runs rife

Colours are my being,
Inhabiting me within,
Kicking insecurities fleeing.

Colours make our world
Cultures and nature an artists pallet,
Mixed together in a harmonious swirl.

The world is our art
Vandalised only by the human race
A montage of peace,
 Should be our start !  

Submitted to In Tandem  with A picture courtesy of Natasha Head 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Not A Purple People Eater ( Childs Lit )

This was  a fun challenge for In Tandem where the Picture was the prompt 

Not a Purple People Eater 

I'm not a purple people eater, 
My diet is much ,much cheaper, 
I'm a creature that lurks in your mind,
Just colour the purple within the lines, 
Take chalk, crayons or what ever you wish. 
All thoughts of horrid monsters will be banished, 
You can hang me on your wall,
Where I'll protect you from all things creepy, 
Until your eyes gently close,
 Then you'll feel safe
 Sleepy !

Also Submitted to dVerse Poetics Poetics a great site for poets to share and submit their work.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Under Construction


We're Under construction,
Trying to live life right, 
No good being comatosed, 
The human race is overdosed. 
Under Construction Clip Art

We're under construction 
Trying to live life well,
We've been bombarded with stuff, 
The world has had enough !
Under Construction Clip Art
We're under construction,
Not the finished article!
The cycle of the world is in reverse,
Each of us a little particle, 
Of this mega universe ! 
Under Construction Clip Art

Monday, 22 August 2011

Dance Of Temptation

Dance Of Temptation

Ab van Overdam, A dancing couple in an orchard
Ab Van Overdam

They gaily danced full of glee,
Amongst the temptation strung from trees, 
They had discovered one another, 
Their new discovery of love,
Would not be smothered !

They had bitten from forbidden fruit, 
Rumours were, humanity was in dispute.
They had munched on their pomme d'or,
Meaning sexes forever,
Would yearn to adore! 

So daily they dance in their orchard of temptation,
Setting boundaries for societies creation, 
So let all humanity dance in glee, 
To celebrate the memory
Adam and Eve !

Submitted to The Gooseberry Garden for the theme of Adam and Eve

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Protection Of Peace


 The Protection Of Peace

On hard, concrete, grey, lifeless, stone, 
Gently and delicately,
Created, a dove alone 
A messenger of love and peace, 
A padded jacket  protecting her feathery fleece. 

People walking on hard macadam, 
wonder why ?
Peace is no longer our Madame ?

A gentle woman that'd caress 
Nurse humanity, through its stresses, 
Who would no longer have to be swathed 
In a jacket for protection

For humanity she would bathe,
Lovingly, with care 
She'd teach us not to fight and stare,
She'd sponge our souls in peace 
So wars, prejudice and hate 
Would stop! 

Submitted to dVerse poetics On the theme of texture 

Monday, 15 August 2011


This is a light hearted Poem about what makes us tick, Hope it makes you smile please leave comments .....Thank you  


Passionate is not always about being horizontal,
Having to be in bed is just incidental,
Passion can be generated at the drop of a hat
That lusty feel you get in your tum, 
When you see the arch of a certain bum!
 It's true ,passion isn't for just the sack,
Passion can take control and that is fact!

Passion, when and if desired, 
Can be created if we stoke our fires, 
We dim the lights and fan the flames,
Sexy attire! The passion becomes untamed,
Subtle touches and gentle contact, 
Passion can be created and that's a fact !

Passion can breed when music is present, 
It warms your cockles and makes you ardent,
Your body sways, you feel the rhythms and beat, 
Your heart races as you move your feet,
When the evening ends, you'll complete the act, 
Passion can be absorbed and that's a fact ! 

Alvaro Castagnet

Submitted to Jingle Poetry for their  Passionate Nights of Love  theme
Jingle Poetry

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Urbans United

I wrote this for dVerse Poetics Theme Going Urban Although there was a picture Prompt I choose mine of Bristol UK I love the place because my daughter lives there, it has a cultural Vibe which I feel one can feel and its also the home town of street /graffiti artist Banksy who fascinates me.
This poem also I hope reflects how a young person growing up in an english city may feel this week ( I'm a country girl )

Urbans United 

A Banksy  Situated at Hotwells Bristol UK
I live in my city ....the place of my birth,
Just a regular kid with feelings of self worth
But as I stroll down my street,
Its dismay, disgust and fear that I meet,                              
Surely loutish sensibilities for my age is not a must!
The machinery and soul of this hub, must be trust!

SO Urbanites unite!
Cos our kids are Alright !

People who look like my nanna, mum and dad,
Treat me like a yob,and make me feel bad,
But I love the buildings that build my history,
The rebels who choose to destroy them I find a mystery,
Its the people here who also make it right!
We work together, make our community tight!

SO Urbanites unite! 
Cos our kids are alright! 

So Urbanites united 
We will teach the kids who rioted, 
To feel respect ,feel bonded,. 
Help write their success stories  
Our cities colours will reflect  in their glory !

So Urbanites unite! 
Our Kids are alright !

Picture taken of Bristol By Amy Shepherd On her walk Home From work . 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Respect Outlawed

This was written in light of the riots taking place over the UK in August 2011.                                                                     

Respect Outlawed

Rioting rebels, raging, randomly,

Servants of government and saviours of the free, 
Plying societies wrongs for their looting mentality
Entombing us, housebound,

Citing our kids as our enemies,

Taunting a GOVERNMENTS Leniency !

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Good Foundations

Good Foundations 
Painting by Fondazione Gorgio e Isa de Chirico

Together we merge, entwine,
Solid outside but combined,
Memories selected,
Our history,
Our love to others an intriguing mystery! 

Our foundations built throughout our years,  
The laughs the smiles,
  Sometimes the tears, 
Locked in our contemplation vaults. 
Though love and happiness, 
Always our assault! 

So within our bubble of  man-made society
On our foundations
Love and our history,
 It shapes how we've merged.
It Becomes our priority 
For what we have created 
Makes us a minority!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Jungle Beat (child Lit )

Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 7
Create a story, a prose or a poem using at least 4 words from the Wordle given above. of course, you may apply all words provided in your entry, enjoy the challenge!

Image Link

The Jungle Beat 

Marvin The Monkey had  wander lust, 
To forsake his home, 
Find his Love for music was a must. 

He packed for a safari, 
animated gifsanimated gifsTaking his secret weapons, 
His musical bananas Cheeky and Charlie. 

They trudged miles to the beach, 
To recreate the sound, 
Of the jungle beat.  

Cheeky and Charlie their guitars, they did strum, 
Marvin used coconuts. 
To play Like a drum.

The sounds they made were so cool, 
Soon they were begged,
To open a rock school.

So Marvin ,Cheeky and Charlie, 
Worked hard at what they loved, 
And lived their lives happily !

Free Animations

Submitted to : Funny Bunny Friday