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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Under Construction


We're Under construction,
Trying to live life right, 
No good being comatosed, 
The human race is overdosed. 
Under Construction Clip Art

We're under construction 
Trying to live life well,
We've been bombarded with stuff, 
The world has had enough !
Under Construction Clip Art
We're under construction,
Not the finished article!
The cycle of the world is in reverse,
Each of us a little particle, 
Of this mega universe ! 
Under Construction Clip Art


  1. Sad how some things are still under construction that should be done and put to rest, wonderful play on words!

  2. Very clever how you did this. As an aside, yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of my Kidney Transplant. So grateful. :0)

  3. Oh yes indeed, we are still very much under construction and we have a long way to go yet! Nicely said!

  4. Love this Kez! It speaks the truth of what really is: we ARE under construction and therefore it is extremely unfair to condemn someone for not being perfect. Love the use of the signs also, very effective.

  5. yes we are every day...sometimes it seems de construction as we slough off all the world has to offer...

  6. The work is never finished-so true

  7. I almost left the page thinking it was under construction! I can see this anthem being chanted at a protest.

  8. Excellent write Kez. It's weird I've noticed over the past few weeks, that over at OLN it seems like many of us share a kindredness in the work we choose to submit at D'verse. It's really like we are a collective, not everything's the same, no not at all, but underlying messages, notions etc.. seem to prevail. So to end I'll use the old cliche, Great minds think alike... Anyhow love the write, and thanks for listening:)

  9. Praising God we're still under construction... though not real happy about local road work.

  10. "each of us a little particle" I love that line! This piece in its entirety is such a needed and well placed message of our state. Well done ~ Rose

  11. You have such a positive outlook on life... I could use some reconstruction...
    This is a really cool write and thought provoking.
    Thanx Kez ;)

  12. I'm constantly under construction, being remodeled all the time. Maybe I need a yellow hard hat to survive sometimes but in the long run, it's all good. Well done.


  13. Great poem! We are definitely all still under construction. :)


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