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Monday, 22 August 2011

Dance Of Temptation

Dance Of Temptation

Ab van Overdam, A dancing couple in an orchard
Ab Van Overdam

They gaily danced full of glee,
Amongst the temptation strung from trees, 
They had discovered one another, 
Their new discovery of love,
Would not be smothered !

They had bitten from forbidden fruit, 
Rumours were, humanity was in dispute.
They had munched on their pomme d'or,
Meaning sexes forever,
Would yearn to adore! 

So daily they dance in their orchard of temptation,
Setting boundaries for societies creation, 
So let all humanity dance in glee, 
To celebrate the memory
Adam and Eve !

Submitted to The Gooseberry Garden for the theme of Adam and Eve


  1. A wonderful take on the prompt. I love the positive outlook of it!

    Here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  2. Ha! I really like this imagery.

  3. What a wonderful take on that prompt!

  4. your words dance and make profound impacts.
    well done take on the theme.

  5. nice! glad to be of acquaintance thru gooseberry!


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