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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Colourful Life

A Colourful Life 
Natasha Head

Colours fill my mind,
Memories and experiences
My history in design.

Colours fill my life,
  As a mother, wife and lover,
Psychedelia runs rife

Colours are my being,
Inhabiting me within,
Kicking insecurities fleeing.

Colours make our world
Cultures and nature an artists pallet,
Mixed together in a harmonious swirl.

The world is our art
Vandalised only by the human race
A montage of peace,
 Should be our start !  

Submitted to In Tandem  with A picture courtesy of Natasha Head 


  1. Beautiful poetry. I wish I had half your talent. xx

  2. Thank you for helping to pedal this colourful Tandem.♥

  3. P.S. I am hoping to climb abord it too, once I can get my husband Caddoc to give me a bunk up into the saddle. He seems to have been pedalling it every week without telling me...

  4. An interesting exploration of colour, Kez.

  5. The world is our art, indeed! Once when my son was young, he said something like, "Mom people say when you close your eyes you see nothing but I see colors."

  6. beautiful colours of your life and our world...

    all making it an interesting journey ~

  7. Lovely reflection... I really like the ending!

  8. A monochrome world would be interesting but rather sombre.

  9. Kerry! What wonderful word weaving...lady, you just keep getting better and better! I went on a computer free mini vacay and came back to discover this! You can imagine my gratitude...we make a great team ;)


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