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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Jungle Beat (child Lit )

Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 7
Create a story, a prose or a poem using at least 4 words from the Wordle given above. of course, you may apply all words provided in your entry, enjoy the challenge!

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The Jungle Beat 

Marvin The Monkey had  wander lust, 
To forsake his home, 
Find his Love for music was a must. 

He packed for a safari, 
animated gifsanimated gifsTaking his secret weapons, 
His musical bananas Cheeky and Charlie. 

They trudged miles to the beach, 
To recreate the sound, 
Of the jungle beat.  

Cheeky and Charlie their guitars, they did strum, 
Marvin used coconuts. 
To play Like a drum.

The sounds they made were so cool, 
Soon they were begged,
To open a rock school.

So Marvin ,Cheeky and Charlie, 
Worked hard at what they loved, 
And lived their lives happily !

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Submitted to : Funny Bunny Friday


  1. creative, your images make me smile..

    thanks for the tickle.

  2. LOL I like this piece kept me smiling :)

  3. Im ready to go their rock school!
    Very cute!

  4. Cute, creative, and a wonderful story!

  5. Fun in the sun ... with a happy ending ... well done !

  6. so loved that banana beat ~ :)) lovely happy piece ~ what great images ~ Lib

  7. That was cool! I wanna go! xoXox

  8. LOL... wonderful poem! And, I love the dancing bananas :-)

  9. Read this piece with a smile on my face. May read to my son later.

  10. Sounds like my kind of rock school....with coconuts and all! :-)

  11. so cool! I want to rock -- as you do ;)


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