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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Urbans United

I wrote this for dVerse Poetics Theme Going Urban Although there was a picture Prompt I choose mine of Bristol UK I love the place because my daughter lives there, it has a cultural Vibe which I feel one can feel and its also the home town of street /graffiti artist Banksy who fascinates me.
This poem also I hope reflects how a young person growing up in an english city may feel this week ( I'm a country girl )

Urbans United 

A Banksy  Situated at Hotwells Bristol UK
I live in my city ....the place of my birth,
Just a regular kid with feelings of self worth
But as I stroll down my street,
Its dismay, disgust and fear that I meet,                              
Surely loutish sensibilities for my age is not a must!
The machinery and soul of this hub, must be trust!

SO Urbanites unite!
Cos our kids are Alright !

People who look like my nanna, mum and dad,
Treat me like a yob,and make me feel bad,
But I love the buildings that build my history,
The rebels who choose to destroy them I find a mystery,
Its the people here who also make it right!
We work together, make our community tight!

SO Urbanites unite! 
Cos our kids are alright! 

So Urbanites united 
We will teach the kids who rioted, 
To feel respect ,feel bonded,. 
Help write their success stories  
Our cities colours will reflect  in their glory !

So Urbanites unite! 
Our Kids are alright !

Picture taken of Bristol By Amy Shepherd On her walk Home From work . 


  1. Thanks for the introduction to your artist (Banksy)--that's amazing work. And thanks for a hopeful look at what makes a city more than just a collection of buildings.

  2. the challenge in raise our kids and save our neighborhoods it will take every one for sure...great the street art and seen several of his...great choice...

  3. ..Urbanites cool - it needs people like you who stand up for the city they love and yes - i think we can raise our kids well no matter if we live in a city or in the countryside.. and two wonderful pics as well..thank you

  4. I like a bunch. Very creative combo of preentation with ubber skill and great lines to drool over. You never dissappoint.

  5. Hell Yeah!
    By the end - I am up on feet shouting with you.
    I love the sentiment - the style - positivity
    and the sense of unity your shouting out there.

    A really reat passionate write coming from the heart.

  6. Ah...bringing back the humanity the newspapers failed to mention. The kids are alright indeed, Kerry, as is this write, and that photo of the walk home...stunning!

  7. One voice... only one voice to start the change.


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