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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Not A Purple People Eater ( Childs Lit )

This was  a fun challenge for In Tandem where the Picture was the prompt 

Not a Purple People Eater 

I'm not a purple people eater, 
My diet is much ,much cheaper, 
I'm a creature that lurks in your mind,
Just colour the purple within the lines, 
Take chalk, crayons or what ever you wish. 
All thoughts of horrid monsters will be banished, 
You can hang me on your wall,
Where I'll protect you from all things creepy, 
Until your eyes gently close,
 Then you'll feel safe
 Sleepy !

Also Submitted to dVerse Poetics Poetics a great site for poets to share and submit their work.


  1. Hehehe! Like your fun interpretation - it's just the kind of thinking I hoped this picture would spark!
    Thanks for helping to pedal the Tandem.:)

  2. A "Friendly Monster" to watch over a child as he/she goes to sleep. :)

  3. Kerry! This was so much fun! Loved your take on this purple beast! Still smiling :)

  4. What a perfect children's story this would be! I love it.

    ~laurie kolp

  5. Adorable. I can picture it as a lovely wall hanging.

  6. oh this is lovely...think i will print the pic and hang this dream of a no-purple-people-eater above my bed...smiles..enjoyed this..

  7. cool would it have been to have friendly monsters as kids? to keep the others in the closet...or as adults to chase our much more mature monsters away...

    have a great trip...

  8. A fun share.. I will put up the frame too~

  9. Great picture and fun take on monsters, I enjoyed it.

  10. We have a client who is very much into the purple people eater... just had to check this one out! Great take on the prompt!

  11. sank into the purple ~ Mmmm ~ loved this Kerry ~ what a fun write xx

  12. Hehehe. So playful and fun! Loved this one. :)

  13. I used to love the purple people eater song when I was a kid. That is a great story/poem to go with the image Kez. Good job.


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