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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Good Foundations

Good Foundations 
Painting by Fondazione Gorgio e Isa de Chirico

Together we merge, entwine,
Solid outside but combined,
Memories selected,
Our history,
Our love to others an intriguing mystery! 

Our foundations built throughout our years,  
The laughs the smiles,
  Sometimes the tears, 
Locked in our contemplation vaults. 
Though love and happiness, 
Always our assault! 

So within our bubble of  man-made society
On our foundations
Love and our history,
 It shapes how we've merged.
It Becomes our priority 
For what we have created 
Makes us a minority!


  1. this sounds like solid foundations..great take on the prompt and i love the pic you chose...the more of his paintings i see, the more i'm fascinated..

  2. very nice...had not seen this one either...i like it...and your words bring out how interconnected we are, though we often fail to act like it...together is a firm foundation to build upon....

  3. Great take on this painting...I hadn't seen this one before...all that stuff churning around inside us! An intriguing mystery indeed!

  4. i love it, love the meaning and the rhymes.

  5. Killer last line - and great poem - full of all the important stuff behind relationships!

  6. This is so good and a perfect reflection on the image you've chosen. Bravo!

  7. not seen that one Kerry what a great take ~ an intriquing artist ~ 'our bubble of' ... man made .. selecting memories ~ our love and foundations' ... mankind' ~ lovely ~ Lib

  8. There's good vibrations in your Good Foundations. Like the skeleton that holds up the soft flesh, a loving couple's history together solidifies their union.

  9. I like the good foundation idea to building a relationship. Unique and personal - your post shines thru ~

  10. This perfectly captured the feel of the painting for me, the union of two into one. Nice write!

  11. It seems with every write your own foundation grows stronger! This is wonderful Kerry...there is also a confidence in this write, like you are so sure of your words. It's a great take on the prompt, and fantastic write!

  12. Kez I love the image you chose and the words you put to it are just perfect. Wonderfully done! ~ Rose

  13. Hi

    Love the direction you took this one in.
    You imposed a credible narrative with surreal and interesting undertones and layers.

    Locked in our contemplation vaults - this is a fantastic line

  14. We are all, most definitely, interconnected and entwined in a myriad of ways. Such is humanity. I agree with your line "memories selected" for that is what we what we want to remember and burying those memories we would rather forget.

  15. a lovely poem about the uniqueness of love between two. it is so neat to see de chirico's various paintings - I haven't come across this one yet - so, thank you :)

  16. Really enjoyed your interpretation of the piece. Very well-done

  17. A fine poem which made me take another, longer, look at the Chirico.

  18. Together we caan do wonderful things. Very nice sentiments, and well expressed. Nice writing!

  19. group wisdom and energy are amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.


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