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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cutting Words

Cutting Words 
Vladimir Kush
Together we'd once dance
Words would tease and prance, 
Sweet around your lips 
As we coiled and embraced, 
Touching and caressing with finger tips, 
Sweet honeyed words were spoken, 
Genuine, full of promises and emotion, 
Words composed from the heart, 
Of  a heaven together, our start !

Now we seem poles apart, 
Your words hurt, cut, 
Straight to the heart 
Chopping and dissecting, 
Our life, it's direction, 
Your vocal pen loaded with venom,
 The only words written now are for loves requiem!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Mice And Men

Mice And Men 
Photo In New York Times Jan 23rd 2012

We the mice run around play nice,
Sniffing out a living
Scurrying about, forever giving,
To them the men who tax us again and again,
They who can't lose,
Even when they've been accused
 Lying and cheating,
Our resources,
Which then forces us
To limit our heating,
Change our habits in eating,

Move our location
Affecting our nation !

We the mice care for our young,
Nurturing and feeding,
Limiting our breeding,
While them the men receive big bungs,
 Lying, deceiving,
To brainwash us into believing ,
 Their excuses and lies,
We should give them our vote,
Cause more strife, raise human anxiety,
 As they further bankrupt and demote, 
Our Society ! 

Submitted to Gooseberry Goes Poetic  whose prompt was to pick a headline from the New York Times

Submitted to dVerse Poets Open Link Night where poets share 

Sunday, 22 January 2012



Certain  acts of impropriety, 
Were never accepted in polite society, 
Silliness did surely reign, 
Women brainwashed to abstain 
Sex, drugs and rock and roll,
Till the one appeared with a big fat, bank roll. 

Married and imprisoned in bricks up on the hill, 
Disallowed from mixing with folk from the mill, 
Boredom and curiosity surely did reign, 
Scrubbing floors, doing chores, 
Till crushing their socially ideal Amores 

Then in time, a belly full of living life, 
Presents more duties for the obedient wife, 
Motherhood and expectations did surely reign, 
Nappies, sleepless nights and restrain, 
Then that cycle would be repeated again. 

Free speech, Free love became the norm, 
The time was ripe for women to transform, 
Choices and freedom did surely reign, 
Societies silly impropriety became arcane.
Letting women use their judgement
And their brain !

Google Images

Submitted to dVerse Poet Poetics where the theme was Boundaries 

Friday, 20 January 2012

Nonsense A Go Go


Nonsense A Go Go 
In the middle of the Congo,
Lives a very hairy mango 
Who strums upon a human banjo. 
While the ultra slim thin rhinos 
Dance a street dance fandango, 
Circled by short legged flamingos
Screaming house, playing bingo!
Waiting for the mummified Pharaoh
To tiptoe through for a tango,
All partying together in their tropical a go go !

Animated African Animals

Submitted to : Imaginary Garden With real Toads whose prompt was nonsense rhymes !

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Street Dancing !

For today’s Poetics, I invite you to consider the visual art of Fernando Botero as an inspiration for your word-painting.
While searching the internet about this painter I came across this mural which is situated in Medellin Colombia as I have an Interest in Street Art I thought this fitting for my choice !

Street Dancing 

Placed in Fernandos town of birth 
A  reproduction of one of his painting full of mirth 
A couple larger than life 
Presumably a man and his wife 
Dancing with gay abandonment 
Overfed or very affluent, 
In today.s society 
This would surely be an impropriety, 
The couple would be stick thin, 
Airbrushed out all double chins, 
But would the world me amiss 
If as a painting this, we chose to dismiss, 
We'd miss out on the colour and  gaiety 
 The beauty of such immense booty!

Submitted to : dVerse Poets Poetics

Bandit of Love

Bandit of Love 
Street art by Aida Gomez
 Berlin Germany 

The bandit of love 
will stamp on your feelings, 
He'll make your heart feel crushed, 
leave your senses reeling, 
He 'll charm you 
and speak in a soft serenade,
Promise you forever 
before he runs and throws a grenade, 
Blowing your world apart, 
while crushing your heart, 
Feelings become tangled and mangled, 
You feel physically restrained, strangled, 
You need to douse the lust, 
Relearn, live solo, adjust, 
Kill the fire!
 Feelings, emotions
 need changed, rewired, 
For the bandit of love has wheeled his art, 
Stamping,crushing and breaking your heart !  

Cool Mountain Cats ( Childs Lit )

Cool Mountain Cats 
Figures available at Woolpets

Conrad a crazy cool cat,
Thought he was so cool,
He'd race down a mountain,
Without going splat.

Chemmy the sno bunny
Offered him advice,
She told him to turn,
  Watch out for ice!

Conrad who always  knew better
Skied downhill straight
Down, down
He flew till it was too late!

Conrad the crazy cool cat,

Had not listen 
The mountain was icy and steep 
He landed at the bottom in a heap
A sore and meowing splat 
Conrad the embarrassed silly cat 

Chemmy the sno bunny, 
Snow plowed and turned,
Skied down and returned,
Again and again, 
She felt such a thrill
Conquering the hill! 

 So who was the coolest cat on the mountain 
That day ?

My Twitterverse

My Twitterverse 

I open up a window 
To write compose, create rhymes and prose,
Intentions all sincere but distractions loom 
My creativity is stumped not allowed to bloom
Twitter beckons me to interact 
I watch my stream and react 
I Tweet away until the early hours 
Time consumed, eaten away, quickly devoured

Face book has been opened up 
I have to sneak a peek at friends news 
Share my day and give my views 
I tap away for hours and hours 
Time consumed eaten away, quickly devoured .

Social media has becomes my obsession
Yet this is how the 21century is progressing 
I must learn, to adapt,to adjust 
Limited my time, exercise regularly a must 
Become more disciplined, creative 
Discover my  voice, a narrative
So I will work for hours and hours 
Time consumed as my imagination flowers. 

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012



 Image from Street art utopia

Music piped into the air 
digital words everywhere 
 images bombarding my visual field 
emotions raw ,open revealed, 
woes building up and up 
irrationality bubbling 
about to erupt! 
Mentally craving the world to stop 
NOT to think!  NOT to stress !
NOT to put my core under duress! 
Just to block out all the noise
Reboot my brain and regain my poise, 
I take ten and go completely blank
To totally refresh my think tank ! 

Submitted for :dVerse Poets Openlink Night where poets create and share 

Friday, 6 January 2012

A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love 

I could never ever lose my way, 
On a damp,dark and dreary day, 
For my mothers always there with me 
In spirit, not solid or physically, 
She guides and mentors from above, 
Still caring and giving out her love, 
I see her in my minds eye, 
Hear her voice in my head, sweet as a lullaby, 
She rises high above the throng, 
Showing me the way so I don't go wrong, 
A mothers love never dies, 
It stays with you forever, grows and thrives, 
In your memory emblazoned for infinity, 
Your mother to you always your divinity! 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Takeover

The Takeover 
Banksy at Hastings Sussex

Commercialism has successfully overtaken religion, 
Tesco's populate every street 
A place to shop,quickly,for products so cheap,
Land and individuality devoured by huge cartels 
Whose only mantra's is to sell, sell,sell   

Sweet Sunday song very nearly banished, 
Buildings of worship abandoned, almost vanished, 
Children taught of envy and to adore, 
All their needs catered for at the superstore,
Brainwashed and needing things !
I want !I want is all they sing. 

In village's all over the place, 
Long family owned shops have boards across their faces, 
The fight to compete with the big boys, 
Losing hand over fist ,no longer able to employ 
The communities that were once their clients, 
The beat of the street now is eerily silent! 

So when Tesco's and the like ruin the land,
Any buildings of history will decay to sand, 
Kids will only have modern constructed monstrosities 
To fuel their imagination and curiosity, 
So simple pleasures and the past we should clarify
Love, peace, hope should be their lullaby!  

Submitted to dVerse Poets Openlink Night   where poets share !