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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cutting Words

Cutting Words 
Vladimir Kush
Together we'd once dance
Words would tease and prance, 
Sweet around your lips 
As we coiled and embraced, 
Touching and caressing with finger tips, 
Sweet honeyed words were spoken, 
Genuine, full of promises and emotion, 
Words composed from the heart, 
Of  a heaven together, our start !

Now we seem poles apart, 
Your words hurt, cut, 
Straight to the heart 
Chopping and dissecting, 
Our life, it's direction, 
Your vocal pen loaded with venom,
 The only words written now are for loves requiem!


  1. What a strong write, Kez! Sad when things change and words written in love turn to words written to hurt! The picture portrays the idea fantastically.

  2. Up and down--your stanzas parallel each other so well. K.

  3. I read this and understood it so well. The voices that hurt each other, the words that draw blood. I hope you find promise in the awareness that words and their use can open up as new possibilities.

  4. This is beautiful. Words, that is all we got.

  5. words are so powerful..they can heal and tear apart..sad when the dance changes into a battle and only wounds are left..

  6. Your finish is "cutting" pun! Powerful pen Ms. Kez! Fantastic!

  7. great rhyme and rhythm to this. your words are loud and clear which is refreshing!

  8. this has an enchanting dance in the rhythm of sad..and sadly so common the dissolution of what once was...very well written kez

  9. This is quite deep and raw! I really enjoyed reading this :)

  10. It doesn't take long to go from sweet nothings whispered to cutting words slashing our heart, does it? I wonder how often I've done the same....

  11. Love lost and love remembered - can cut so close to the bone. Great words kez.


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