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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Takeover

The Takeover 
Banksy at Hastings Sussex

Commercialism has successfully overtaken religion, 
Tesco's populate every street 
A place to shop,quickly,for products so cheap,
Land and individuality devoured by huge cartels 
Whose only mantra's is to sell, sell,sell   

Sweet Sunday song very nearly banished, 
Buildings of worship abandoned, almost vanished, 
Children taught of envy and to adore, 
All their needs catered for at the superstore,
Brainwashed and needing things !
I want !I want is all they sing. 

In village's all over the place, 
Long family owned shops have boards across their faces, 
The fight to compete with the big boys, 
Losing hand over fist ,no longer able to employ 
The communities that were once their clients, 
The beat of the street now is eerily silent! 

So when Tesco's and the like ruin the land,
Any buildings of history will decay to sand, 
Kids will only have modern constructed monstrosities 
To fuel their imagination and curiosity, 
So simple pleasures and the past we should clarify
Love, peace, hope should be their lullaby!  

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  1. should be but...sadly this decline seems to be an ever sliperying slope...i guess those young need someone will to lead...good to see you at OLN

  2. A sad reflection on today's conditions. I do hope things turn around soon. Happy New Year!

  3. The finest and most truthful poem I have read this bloghop! There will be a huge backlash to the reality of the above poem, because things never satisfy, and humans were made to worship their Maker. Leave Him out of the equation and people simply serve themselves and the almighty dollar, which lead to inevitable sorrow upon sorrow.
    Awesome poem!

  4. On the upside: convenience. On the downside, the lost of substance and uniqueness and history -- particularly the bit about family business and little shops closing down. They can't survive and it's rather sad. The other concern, the focus on things and more things indeed makes it easy to forget about the important things in life, easy convenient substitutes. Lots of thoughts from this one, thanks for sharing.

  5. same over here... maybe a wee bit different as our shops stil have to stay closed on sundays - but the battle is on and wondering how long they will manage to withstand... reminded me of the small shop in the village where my grandma charming...

  6. I couldn't agree with you more about commercialism has taken over religion. For maybe the past 6o years kids have been taught to be greedy. Unless their parents taught them the value of earning money to buy their 'I wants' they've been taught that these things they want are theirs now by right and not to be worked for and earned.
    We are now reaping what was sown. It shows in the behaviour as in (the UK riots) a culture of youth who see it and want it because everyone else has it and they want it too.
    I so agree with you on this. Happy new Year Kez.
    We have snow here today.

  7. Sadly I saw this in almost every city I travelled to, local shops with boards up- I always wondered to myself if it was more the economy itself or commercialism. Probably a bit of both, but little shops and locally owned stores are special, even if they have to price things up a notch or two-well worth shopping at. Great piece here. Thanks

  8. Kez, I love this - I also wonder what archaeologists will make of our great glass, steel and concrete shrines to shopping

  9. Agree with you on this.. shops galore creeping up nearer and nearer to the homes. They call it urbanization and this is the price we pay for being attached to material things.

    Happy New Year~

  10. yes, they should be the lullaby. keep writing about it and maybe someday it will change to that. I enjoy your views on the world.

  11. Sad and true. we are building new sorts of dinosaurs.. thanks for visiting.

  12. Materialistic world empty of robust feelings?
    I agree with these words, a bit sad but true, anyway we still have the power to change things and not to follow the stupid path money is forcing us to follow. As individuals we can always choose, let´s educate each other!!


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