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Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Twitterverse

My Twitterverse 

I open up a window 
To write compose, create rhymes and prose,
Intentions all sincere but distractions loom 
My creativity is stumped not allowed to bloom
Twitter beckons me to interact 
I watch my stream and react 
I Tweet away until the early hours 
Time consumed, eaten away, quickly devoured

Face book has been opened up 
I have to sneak a peek at friends news 
Share my day and give my views 
I tap away for hours and hours 
Time consumed eaten away, quickly devoured .

Social media has becomes my obsession
Yet this is how the 21century is progressing 
I must learn, to adapt,to adjust 
Limited my time, exercise regularly a must 
Become more disciplined, creative 
Discover my  voice, a narrative
So I will work for hours and hours 
Time consumed as my imagination flowers. 

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  1. ha nice...i'm quite new to all these social media as well... think i started my FB account about 2,5 years ago..then my blog..then twitter 1,5 years ago and it's all great but as you say time consuming...though i wouldn't want to miss it any more - have met so many fantastic people..but it needs a bit wisdom to deal with it in a good way..smiles..enjoyed your poem

    1. i hear you...i tweet...and hey i RT'd this ...smiles...but i killed FB 13 months ago...way too much def needs to have boundaries set just like anything as it will consume...

  2. Lovely poem, Kez! :) Twitter is a good friend of mine. I've been on Facebook since April 27, 2007 and I agree with Brian about the drama. But, I hang in there. I agree with you and Claudia about it being time consuming, but without Twitter I wouldn't have met you, Leslie, Adam, Claudia, Brian and all the other fantastic people!


  3. Most excellent piece Kez. I do love your way with words. And as someone who is more than casually social media obsessed, both personally and professionally, it spoke even more clearly to me. And you are quite right, whatever your platform of choice, it does quickly eat away at time and certainly gives you the opportunity to share your inner voice.

  4. Your poem was a good subject to write on.
    Twitter is like the moonlit pool in the neighbor's yard. You swim at the risk of being discovered naked and thought crazy but it may be what you need most at the time. Swimming there you may also discover if your neighbor is human after all.
    Maybe if we only post on Twitter during the full moon, or say each quarter, we would bring a kind of lunar discipline to our lives. Point is, even moon hides from the sun from time to time.
    I think we need to give ourselves permission to not be plugged into what the social media deems necessary to achieve notoriety. My fear is that without some limiting factors we may end up sounding like everyone else and never finding our voice.
    Let your poetic causes expand your heart. I think your voice has begun to sing from there.

  5. As you say "Social Media" has become my obsession". Yes, it´s true SoMe is addictive, why? Don´t we have 3D life that is worthy? Are we becoming virtual? Maybe a bit difficult to answer.

  6. If there were not twitter: I would not read the Life in Degrees. There would read the poems of Kez. My life would be a little less poetic. Much less poetic. Horray the XXI century!


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