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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bandit of Love

Bandit of Love 
Street art by Aida Gomez
 Berlin Germany 

The bandit of love 
will stamp on your feelings, 
He'll make your heart feel crushed, 
leave your senses reeling, 
He 'll charm you 
and speak in a soft serenade,
Promise you forever 
before he runs and throws a grenade, 
Blowing your world apart, 
while crushing your heart, 
Feelings become tangled and mangled, 
You feel physically restrained, strangled, 
You need to douse the lust, 
Relearn, live solo, adjust, 
Kill the fire!
 Feelings, emotions
 need changed, rewired, 
For the bandit of love has wheeled his art, 
Stamping,crushing and breaking your heart !  


  1. I have met that guy!!! :P

    Lovely poem. Beautiful interpretation of interesting street art. :)

  2. That must have been some guy...we need to get away from him ~

  3. It's always the guy... lol

    Great write. I enjoyed this a lot.

  4. I have felt that a time or two... very emotional write with a kick butt attitude behind those words:) like it!


  5. Oh, now this is beautiful! Very, very well written! I love the way it flows. Keep 'em coming, Kez. ;)

  6. Seems lots of us have been moved to write about love this week, Kerry. This one makes me feel guilty for pumping out testosterone. But I still enjoyed it very much. Some of us shoplifters of sentiment have felt that crushing feeling, too. xo

  7. Been there. Done that. Got the divorce papers to prove it. Lovely poem.

  8. Excellent poem. Really appreciate the flow and thematic consistency here. Great job. Thanks

  9. Really liked this, deep and moody..beautiful write! xo

  10. the title carries wit, beautiful thoughts followed, cheers.

    see you at week 23 again.


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