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Tuesday, 10 January 2012



 Image from Street art utopia

Music piped into the air 
digital words everywhere 
 images bombarding my visual field 
emotions raw ,open revealed, 
woes building up and up 
irrationality bubbling 
about to erupt! 
Mentally craving the world to stop 
NOT to think!  NOT to stress !
NOT to put my core under duress! 
Just to block out all the noise
Reboot my brain and regain my poise, 
I take ten and go completely blank
To totally refresh my think tank ! 

Submitted for :dVerse Poets Openlink Night where poets create and share 


  1. Ooo...sounds like you need some quiet time. I usually mute the TV and out my headphones on and listen to relaxing music. It works for me. Sometimes it can all just get to be too much.
    Nicely said!

  2. quiet time indeed! what a cathartic burst this was - all in a great rhyme and breath - nicely done!

  3. ha...sometimes it would be really cool if we could reboot our brain by just pressing a kinda does this for me...or a walk on the seashore or in the woods..

  4. Nice - and a good idea, the brain does need rebooting at times...

  5. I feel like that a lot & ten minutes of quiet reflection makes a world of difference.

  6. I need more than 10 minutes...nice use of words pops ready to blow ~

  7. My brain just won't stop, but I keep on the go and ten days probably wouldn't do it for me..haha

  8. It's so important to take ten and quiet our minds. Nice poem.

  9. I know the feeling! It's the meds we have to take!

  10. woohoo something new...smiles...sorry so late in getting brain tries to blow up usually about the time i am trying to go to sleep...i wish i had an on/off switch...smiles.

  11. there's so many interesting things about this.

    got one, just how the pick fits the poem.

    i also like how you utilized the fonts to accentuate the words and emotions

    thanks for your kind comment

  12. oh, I know the feeling....nothing like taking time out for some calm & quiet...

  13. I know what you mean! SOmetimes we need some space--alone!

  14. oh, yes. I need to do this often. I think most of us are on overload which is a shame.

  15. Wonderful. Man, can I ever relate to this poem!

  16. Yes, too much info, too connected, too much useless thinking.
    Completely agree, sense of oppression when reading it..
    Losing human touch??

  17. God, that has totally been my week. Thanks for screaming that out because it it wasn't you, it would be me.


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