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Friday, 20 January 2012

Nonsense A Go Go


Nonsense A Go Go 
In the middle of the Congo,
Lives a very hairy mango 
Who strums upon a human banjo. 
While the ultra slim thin rhinos 
Dance a street dance fandango, 
Circled by short legged flamingos
Screaming house, playing bingo!
Waiting for the mummified Pharaoh
To tiptoe through for a tango,
All partying together in their tropical a go go !

Animated African Animals

Submitted to : Imaginary Garden With real Toads whose prompt was nonsense rhymes !


  1. Hehehe... this so cute, Kez. Thanks so much for taking part... and you thinking you need some help? Well that's nonsense.

  2. I dare say you nailed this one! Looks like me dancing! lol LOVE! (and giggles) Poet

  3. Who knew Friday's could be so much fun! Boomba'jah-jah;))

  4. What fun...I feel like dancing too~

  5. This reminded me of my thank you note to my sister for the gift of Marshall Fields/now Macys Frango mint chocolates! The note included mention of mangos and Johnny Depp's animated movie Rango!

  6. haha that was a treat...thanks for the smiles and fun on...

  7. Haha. That's an awesome scene to imagine. :)


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